G Suite and Office 365 are two of the most widely used productivity suites that are leveraged by businesses around the globe. While G Suite offers applications like Gmail, Docs, and Drive, Office 365 includes applications like Outlook, Word, and Excel. Both suites are competitively priced for the range of features and functionality that they offer. This is a comprehensive comparison between GSuite and Office 365 for businesses looking for an alternative solution.

Why businesses use G Suite

G Suite is mostly used by small and medium businesses that want to take advantage of a branded email solution using the Gmail service. It is ideal for users that need to collaborate on documents with the help of cloud technology using the power of Google Docs and Sheets. Additionally, there are several integrations between Google Drive and other third-party tools like CRM solutions that businesses might already be using.

Which businesses use Office 365

Office 365 is a more versatile suite. It can be used by both individuals and businesses of sizes ranging from small and medium businesses to large enterprises. Depending upon the Office 365 plans like Enterprise E5, there are additional applications and services that are not available in G Suite. Interestingly, there are dedicated desktop applications for users that need to work on the native computer.

G Suite vs Office 365 features

G Suite has fewer plans as compared to Office 365. There are three Office 365 Business plans namely Office 365 Business Essentials, Business, and Business Premium as compared to the Basic and Business plans with G Suite. This is apart from the Office 365 Enterprise E3, E5, and F1 plans. Regardless of the plan, Office 365 users get at least 1 TB of OneDrice space for plans that include OneDrive. This is not true for the Basic G Suite plan that offers only 30 GB of space. Among the Business plans, the Office 365 Business Premium is the most elite plan. It includes branded business email, desktop and web versions of the popular Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications. It also throws in the Outlook Customer Manager, which is a CRM solution built into the Outlook Mail. The mail solution of Office 365 is also superior to that of G Suite with the ability to attach 150 MB attachments as compared to 25 MB with G Suite. When comparing OneDrive with Google Drive, the former uses block-level sync for Microsoft files and gives granular control over access sharing. However, the primary and the most important advantage of Microsoft over Google is that its applications like Excel and Word have existed for over 30 years allowing the organization to optimize and enhance them regularly. On the flipside, G Suite has a more robust collaboration solution because of the simplicity that it offers.

Bottom Line

While Office 365 leverages the popularity of the widely used applications backed by the penetration of Microsoft in virtually every workplace around the globe, G Suite is the choice of businesses that need simpler collaboration methods. If your business is looking to make the most out of an Office 365 subscription, Apps4Rent would gladly assist you with their core expertise of G suite to Office 365 migration and SharePoint Migration to Office 365. Our consultants offer 24/7 support for Office 365 issues via phone, chat, and email. Contact today for more information on Office 365 Business plans.