Christmas holidays are super important for family unity and bonding. It is also during the Christmas season that most couples get time to spend together. Maybe the two of you have been pretty busy for the better part of the year, now that you have taken a break, it only makes sense that you spend that time with the love of your life.

While Christmas season is not the only time you need to be romantic, there is just something special when couples spend time together during Christmas. In fact, if you want to keep the fire burning in your relationship, then consider making Christmas celebrations as a tradition where you get to spend quality time with your spouse. Otherwise, who is more suitable than your spouse to create a thoughtful and memorable Christmas season?

To help you and your spouse have a blast this Christmas season, this article contains amazing gift ideas you can gift your significant other and fun things you can do together to mark this special period of the year. It only comes once in a year, then why not create time to be together and while at it celebrates your love life?

Fun ideas for couples during Christmas season

Here are cosy Christmas ideas for couples. While not every idea will work for every relationship, you will surely get a few that suits your taste and preferences. Incorporate them and enjoy a Christmas season like no other.

Christmas movie night

Christmas movies are a staple during Christmas holidays. Although this is something that can be enjoyed with friends and family, it’s romantic when couples do it alone. Take this opportunity to enjoy your favourites together or discover some new ones you haven’t watched before.

If you don’t feel like going out, then be more creative and think of a stay-at-home date night. Make the night special by watching your favourite childhood Christmas movies. Watching the movies now as adults in the arms of your love can be so amazing. It’s also a great idea when you are looking for ways to save money during Christmas season.

Cutting down your Christmas tree

If you are lucky to live in a place near Christmas tree farms, chopping down your own Christmas tree can be so satisfying and Christmassy. Go together, select your perfect choice and take it home for decoration. If Christmas trees are not grown in your area, then shop for the tree together. You can either check online or the stores near you. You can also use that time to find decorations. If you are both DIYers, then make your own decorations. Since you are not having any guests in your home this time around, then take advantage of the moment to decorate the tree and other areas of the home just the way you like without the fear of offending anyone. It’s you who will spend time in that house. Hence, only do the decorations that make you happy and puts you in the festive mood.

Cook together

What would this time of the year be without some finger-licking meals? This is actually a perfect time to try out those unique recipes you have been meaning to but time was never on your side. Besides, being in the kitchen preparing a meal with your spouse can be so romantic and an incredible way to celebrate your union. If you are into baking, some nice cookies will do the trick. Bake all the different flavours and varieties you want. Then decorate them with icing.

Ice skating

Can you even remember the last time you did something crazy with your spouse? Probably not. Then why not brave the ice and go ice skating? Glide hand-in-hand across the pond as you enjoy each other’s company. This is a moment that will surely stick on your mind for years to come. After ice skating, warm up with a cup of hot coffee.

Wrap gifts together

Gift wrapping can be at some point annoying especially when you can’t get the creases right, the tape getting stuck to the carpet and your pet constantly laying on the wrapping paper. But do you know this same annoying chore can turn out to be a super cool Christmas date idea? The activity will not only go faster but you will also have a good time with your spouse. Make it even more fun by playing some holiday music accompanied by adult drinks such as mulled wine or a hot toddy. You will be surprised at how simple the chore becomes and how sweet it is to have your love next to you.

For a getaway

If you haven’t had time to take a vacation, then Christmas season is a good time to go for a romantic getaway whether out of the country or just in your locality. Spending time away from home especially during the festive season can really help to rekindle your love life and take it to the next level.

So, what should I gift my spouse with this Christmas?

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” than a nicely wrapped meaningful gift to your spouse. If you want to make your significant other feel special and loved this Christmas season, here are gift ideas to inspire you. Get them one or two and they will really appreciate.

Wooden picture frame

A nice wooden frame is a special gift any of the spouses. It can help you to show how important your spouse is. You can either add a photo of you both or the spouse’s alone. Either way, the frame and the picture are enough to show you celebrate your union.

A massage pillow

This is another gift idea that either spouse can select for their significant other. If you have noted your spouse is always complaining about body aches, then this is the gift they didn’t realize they needed. Gift them with a massage pillow this Christmas and pamper them with a home massage just to make them feel loved and cared for. Besides, this is something you will still use even after Christmas.

A comfy travel bag

If you want your spouse to travel more from now on, a nice comfy travel bag this Christmas will help you pass the message. Be more romantic and slip in a card with a special message for them. Let them know how special they are and how you look forward to travelling the world with them by your side.

Christmas for just the two of you

From what you have read, you will agree to the fact that you have been missing a lot if you haven’t celebrated the Christmas holiday with your spouse alone. Although Christmas season is a time to meet with other family members and friends, enjoy this one with your love alone and you’ll see how beautiful it can turn out to be. Don’t worry about the kids, allow them to visit with the grandparents and leave you two alone to make merry. Viola, its Christmas time. Just anything you can do to have fun without the fear of dire consequences thereafter is absolutely perfect.