Over the holidays, many people enjoy coming together as a family and sharing in the fun of playing games but there’s no reason this simple pleasure can’t be enjoyed all year round. With endless choices of games to play to suit all ages and abilities, why not make this wholesome event a weekly occurrence in your household? It will bring you closer together, ensure you have dedicated quality time to being part of a family unit, and add a bit of healthy competition. Here are five fun ideas to get you started.

Board Games

Board games are the classic option for a family game night. You may have favorites that you return to time and again or perhaps you enjoy discovering new games. Traditional games such as Scrabble are often popular across age groups, with younger family members being able to team up with more experienced players if necessary. You could also choose to let players who need a boost have help – this word finder does all the work, meaning everyone can enjoy the game regardless of their ability.

Computer Gaming

For those with teenagers, this is often the easiest way to ensure they are keen to get involved. Draw up a league and play against each other or, if a game has a multiplayer option, gather around and get competitive! Be sure that whatever games you choose are age-appropriate by checking the ERSB or PEGI ratings and give inexperienced players a chance to practice. Racing games such as Mario Kart are a great choice as they are fun for all ages.

Physical Games

If you have lively children in your family, physical games can be a great option as it allows them to burn off energy while still being involved. Classics such as charades can be fun for juniors but for younger children, why not set challenges such as seeing who can stand on one leg for the longest or who can walk the length of the yard the fastest while balancing a book on their head? Other physical games could include board games like Twister or consoles such as the Wii which have an interactive element.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Working together towards a common goal is a fantastic value for any family and jigsaw puzzles are a brilliant way to do this. Choose an image that appeals to everyone – perhaps linked to a favorite place or character – and a piece count that is challenging without being unmanageable. You don’t want to lose interest before finishing the task! Put your favorite music on in the background and sing along as you sort out the pieces and create a beautiful jigsaw by working together as a team.

Sports Games

If you’re an active family and enjoy sports, then creating your own sporting tournament can be fun. Maybe you’ll set tasks such as seeing how many hoops you can score in a row or how long it takes to hit a bullseye on the dart board. You could play 8-ball pool and have a knockout tournament. Get creative! If you are a sports-crazy family but prefer to watch rather than play, create interest by running a sweepstake for each major sport or a prediction league where each family member guesses the score in a game and the one closest gets points.

There are so many great ways to enjoy bringing your family together to play games and make memories. Cater to the interests of all the family, share food and drink together, and watch the relationships strengthen because of quality time in each other’s company.