Disengaging oneself socially during the coronavirus pandemic couldn’t be that easy for anyone, which is undoubtedly true for parents. Rather than sending their kids to school, lessons, parks, and playdates to keep them entertained, parents and children are stuck in the confines of their home.

Nevertheless, you can always do fun activities with your kids instead of sticking to a usual routine of homeschool-TV-sleep. We have made a list of best indoor activities that you can bond with your kids, which will keep them entertained during the quarantine period.

Do a Movie Marathon

You can create your Saturday nights special with the whole family by making it a movie night. Your kids can help out too by making personalize movie tickets and distributing them before the show starts. They will then collect the tickets and help you show your seats while serving little bowls of popcorn.

Create DIY Projects

Looking for a do-it-yourself project that the whole family will love? Well, there are tons that you can do with the kids. You can do art projects, DIY handicrafts like slime, or make a homemade hand sanitizer that is timely and relevant to during this pandemic times.

There are lots of recipes, video tutorials, and even news articles online that you can use as a basis for your home project. After creating your DIY hand sanitizer, place it in an empty hand sanitizer bottle. It would be best to keep it in bottles with pumps for easy access. If you want, you can even sell them! Contact a reliable private label hand sanitizer for labeling.

Simple Cooking

You can also bond with your kids when preparing or cooking your meals. You can ask them to help you prepare your ingredients, beat the eggs, or throw the kitchen wastes. This way, your kids will feel that they really helped out in making your lunch or dinner.

Provide Some House Responsibilities

Outsourcing household chores to your kids will not only make them busy, for it will also teach them many things as well. In doing chores, your children will know the things to do in order to care for themselves, their home, and their family. Also, they will learn skills like communicating, cooperating, negotiating, and working as a team. More than that, letting them do house tasks will make them feel competent and be more responsible.

As parents, you need to make sure that the tasks involved are age-appropriate. For a young child, simple jobs like looking after his toys and keeping them after playing will send a message that his contribution is essential.

Play a Board Game

Even the simplest board games can help your youngsters to identify numbers, colors, count spaces, and develop hand-eye coordination skills in moving cards and other pieces around the board. Also, it teaches patience by learning how to wait for their turn and following the rules.

Try Gardening Activities

You and your kids can plant seeds indoors. Planting flowers with them is a rewarding activity to set out together. In doing this task, you are helping your kids to learn lessons about patience and responsibility. And once they are back in school, they can share with their teacher and friends about the accomplishments they have achieved during homestays.

Teach the Fun in Reading

You can instill the fun in reading by keeping the book characters alive while reading with them or let your kids voice their opinions after stories. You can also be crafty and think of other ideas like making treats mentioned in the book or even researching more ideas about the settings and the author.

Revive the Art of Writing a Letter

Video chatting is not the only way for your kids to be updated and stay connected to their friends while being stuck at home. How about you suggest the act of writing a letter to their peers? This is the best time to reach out via snail mail and send letters, postcards, or even art projects. Of course, this activity will not only benefit the sender since these letters will be sent out to family and friends as a way of keeping in touch and brighten their day.

Have an Indoor Camping

You and your kids don’t have to risk going outside just to enjoy the notion of camping because you can do it indoors. All you have to do is assemble your tent to the widest space in your house and prep all the needed blankets and pillows for a sleepover. You can also put additional accessories like LED Christmas lights for accents, make a fake campfire pit, and cook special camping meals.

Arrange a Karaoke Night

Not only is karaoke an excellent way for your kids to express emotion and let off extra energy, for it is also beneficial in teaching your child to read. So arrange karaoke night specials to lift everyone’s mood. Put on your kids’ favorite songs, hit up the volume, and sing with them while shaking your best moves to lighten things up for everyone.
Enjoying as a family can help the kids, as wells as the parents, feel more bonded even in the face of tension from being confined at home because of the ongoing crisis.

In a Nutshell

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis may have shaken the whole world, but let us not forget that by only staying at home, we can help minimize the spread of a conceivable cause of death. Remember, during home isolation, we can do fun activities to bond with our kids and make them feel safer by just being with them at home.