It’s mid-year already so it’s time to think about kicking your productivity into gear before you realize you’ve wasted another 365 days because they quickly passed you by.

Yes, that’s right. It’s time to think about productivity. It’s time to pick up coffee beans, throw on a pot of coffee from Home Grounds, and start to seriously come up with a productivity strategy.

Let’s make everything more effective, less stressful, and a heck of a lot more productive. If you’re willing to travel this road, pay close attention to these expert and fresh productivity tips that can change your year for the better.

Discovering Your Purpose

In all honesty, it’s difficult to feel motivated to get up and live and work without knowing your purpose for being. In fact, some say the greatest day in your life is the day you finally discover your purpose.

Unfortunately, many people spend their time running at top speed on the hamster wheel of life. Life can feel very stressful when you seem to run nonstop but never get anywhere purposeful. It’s a sad situation that many of us experience, but few of us ever figure a way off this unhappy ride.

Instead of running the hamster wheel forever, we want you to commit to changing your life for the better. You can start by creating three lists to help you discover your purpose.

On the first list, write about the things you love to do in your spare time. On the second list, write about every area you excel in. On the third list, write down the disappointing crises you see in the world and plan to contribute to fixing at some point in your life.

On each list, take a moment to circle the most important point. If something really stands out in the group, it’s obviously really important to you and will help you fulfill your life’s purpose. At this point now that you’ve circled three crucial areas on your lists, it’s time to begin looking for work that will help you lead a fulfilling life. If you struggle to find the ideal career to meet your purpose, meet with a career advisor to see if they can help.

It’s Time to Set New Goals

Oh no! Do I really need to set goals? If you want to improve your productivity, then yes you certainly need to. The most successful people in the world always have goals. They are always focused on achieving the most important things in their life, and they make these things their mission and spend a great deal of time focusing on them.

Setting goals is relatively easy. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish and add them to the list. To make sure you achieve them in a timely manner, put a date next to each goal when you’d like to have it completed.

Now you have to monitor your list regularly. Otherwise you’re writing down a list of things you want to achieve, throwing it in a drawer and never paying attention to it again. You’re not going to improve productivity this way, which you obviously already know.

Do Your Hardest Task First Each Day

Many of us have a tendency to put our hardest task off until the very end of the day. Guess what? By that point, we are already drained from working so hard on other projects throughout the day, so we fail to accomplish our hardest task.

It’s time to flip your way of thinking and tackle your toughest task first thing in the morning each day. By doing so, your day will be easier and less stressful because you won’t have this monstrous project hanging over your head.


You can change your life if you want to. Please use these productivity tips to make this year one of the best years you’ve ever had.