What’s the one significant financial number you ought to know? It’s your credit score. This single, three-digit number is vital. It can denote the difference between denial and approval on the next loan application or air miles credit card. Today, many websites allow you to assess the credit score for free.

Importance of your credit score

First, let’s understand why the credit score is essential. This number comprises of the following factors:

  • Amounts you owned
  • Your payment history
  • New credit
  • The length of your credit history
  • Credit mix

When you miss payments, your credit score declines. Applying for many loans and new cards within a short time will also affect the score. The leading travel credit cards for this year might demand a fantastic credit score, for instance, 700 and 750. It’s good to know your credit score before any applications. That way you won’t be wasting a hard inquiry.

You can access your credit score and complete credit report by paying a specific fee. But many websites help you to get your credit score with a free trial. Do you want to know your credit score? Do you eventually want to opt in for complimentary credit monitoring? If yes, then free tests for credit score will work for you.

Where will you get credit score free trials?

Majority of free credit score organizations offer you Vantage Score. It is a substitute for the conventional FICO scoring model. Most lenders make use of FICO score to deny or sanction credit applications. Vantage Score acts similarly. Today, few companies have started providing FICO score for free as well.

You can select any free service. But know that free credit scores don’t influence your credit. It’s is a soft inquiry. Here are the websites that allow you to get your credit score for free.

1. Discover

It is a rare company that provides free FICO score. You might want to apply for a reward credit card, but it’s not needed. You can be unaware of Discover, and the website will still provide you with your credit score for free. So, do you want to get your credit score? Are aspects such as identity theft security, credit monitoring and other complimentary perks not vital to you? If yes, then Discover is your go-to website. The score the site pulls might be what the mortgage lenders, auto dealership, and credit card brands will be searching for in the forthcoming days.

2. Capital One

Capital One comes with its CreditWise that’s available for everyone, including non-customers. Sign-up and you will receive Vantage Score 3.0, powered by TransUnion. This website monitors the credit free of cost. Furthermore, it alerts you via email regarding any unwarranted activity.

There are other sites too that provide this feature. So, what distinguishes Capital One from other sites? Simple, it comes with a credit simulator. It enables you to check the way missed payments or apply for new credit account impacts your credit score. Furthermore, the simulator also allows you to plan and ask for a loan or credit cards at the right time. It also suggests whether you need debt payment prioritization to enhance the credit score.

3. Chase

Recently Chase Bank has ventured into free credit scoring system. The brand offers its Credit Journey program for their users. Access your Vantage Score 3.0 for free. The credit score is updated weekly. Chase also forwards email notifications if it detects any suspicious activity.

Are you aiming at the rewards applicable on Chase credit cards? If yes, then Chase Credit Journey is the best choice for you. Once you’ve checked the score, you can determine whether you’re eligible for Sapphire Preferred travel rewards card as well.

4. Credit.com

By now you’ve gathered that majority of free credit score is offered by TransUnion. That’s all good. However, there can be a possibility that banks opt in for bureaus like Experian. Hence, it’s crucial to opt-in for Credit.com.

Experian will offer your VantageScore that will ensure there are zero reporting mistakes. It cross-checks the same with your score provided by Equifax or TransUnion, from a free score website. Other than this, Credit.com enables you to design a credit management plan. Here you also get expert guidance.

5. Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is another well-known website. The credit score is updated monthly. Apart from free credit score, this site also provides free identity theft security up to $50,000 and credit monitoring. Furthermore, you can apply for credit cards, savings accounts and loans keeping in mind the brand’s recommendations.

Still mulling on ways to check credit score for free? If yes, then you only need to make two primary considerations. First, you need to decide if you want Vantage or FICO score. Second, decide on the bureau you wish to consider and partner. Take time to know more on the above-discussed sites and arrive at an informed decision.