Also known to locals as “The Snowies” the Snowy Mountains are the highest mountain range on the continent of Mainland Australia.

This is where you’ll find the tallest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko which is over 2,228 meters above sea level! However, what makes this New South Whales destination really a sight to behold is the fly fishing season.

This is a time of year when fishing enthusiasts of all experience levels come together to enjoy something truly spectacular. The alpine streams are full of trout, making this the best spot in Australia to fish. In this guide, I’ll talk about what makes fly fishing season in the Snowies so special, as well as how to plan your first visit.

When is Fly Fishing Season?

While you can fish any time of year in the Snowies, the best time is during fly fishing season. Throughout the year, you can always cast a line in the local lakes and dams, and you’ll find a well-stocked variety of fish species. However, you can only enjoy fishing in the streams and rivers when it’s permitted. This is allowed from October till June.

Because melting snow flows during the spring into these waterways, this is when you’ll find the best catches. Fly fishing season is in full swing from October until June, but you’ll find the best time of year is during the start of the spring season.

If you’re ready for some friendly competition, don’t miss the Snowy Mountains Trout Festival. This is a week-long competition in the spring, and it’s open to anglers of all experience levels. It’s really a great time to enjoy the sport of fishing and take in some of the best views of the region.

Planning Your Visit

Now that you know when to catch the best of the fly fishing season, let’s talk about how to plan your trip the Snowies. If your main goal is to fish, you’ll plan your trip a bit differently than you would if you were visiting for the skiing or snowboarding. You have a lot of options to enjoy the best of the Snowies, so make sure you take care when planning.

Fishing license – First, make sure you have your NSW recreational fishing license. You’ll need to carry the receipt with you while you’re fishing. You can find these online, or at any service station or tackle shop.

Where to stay – Where you choose to stay will depend on where you plan to fish. You can’t go wrong no matter where you stay, but most people choose the Thredbo area within the Snowies. Check out Lantern Apartments for the best Thredbo accommodations.

Where to fish – Finally, you need to know where to fish. The best spot for fly fishing is along the Thredbo River, but also anywhere near Bullocks Hut. Many anglers also enjoy Lake Eucumbene, Lake Jindabyne, and Blowering Dam.

Fly Fishing in the Snowies

It’s time to pack your bags and your fishing gear! Don’t forget your fishing pants as you’ll need them during your fishing sessions. If you don’t have any or want to upgrade to a better product model, here’s a complete review to let you educate yourself on this product and choose wisely. Fly fishing season is just around the corner in the Snowies, so start planning your trip now. There’s so much to love about this region, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any extensive fishing experience.

The Snowies are one of the best destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s time to experience their magic for yourself during the next fly fishing season.