Being fashionable has always been about wearing classy stilettos. And more often than not, a lot of women have been suffering from pains brought about by these high-heeled shoes. This year, there might be a turnaround, as many fashion icons have been starting to wear flip flops, which apparently have been pairing very well with silk dresses and printed skirts.

Comfort and style can be combined, and why not try experimenting with custom flip flops to go with your outfit. You can express your own creativity in making your own stylish flip flops however you want.

But first, you must know what pair of flip-flops is best fit for you.

How do you determine that you chose the right flip flops? Here are a few tips:

A. Choose a pair of flip-flops that bends only in the ball of the foot

These kind of flip-flops will give comfort to your sole, and you may pay more money for it. But, it will be a better choice than opting to buy a less expensive pair of flip-flops but lacks any kind of structure or support for the foot.

This kind of minimal flexibility indicates the proper balance, the arch support and alignment for a healthy feet, as quoted from one podiatrist.

B. Choose and get the right size

You must always keep in mind that comfort in choosing a flip-flop must always come first. Hence, it is vital that you choose the right size which encapsulates your whole feet, that is, your heels and toes are not hanging off the edge of the sole.

It is not even a better scenario when you opt to get an oversized pair because you might trip. Thus, getting the right size and fit, is very important.

C. Replace worn out flip-flops

Nothing lasts forever, so does flip-flops. You know that it is already time to replace those good old flops when there are already cracks in the sole and the uppers are coming to loose. This might cause the upper rubbers to break while you are just in the middle of a vacation, running along the long shores of the beach. Cracks can manifest a worn out pair of flip-flops and when you see those cracks, it is high time that you must replace them.

D. Know where to wear and not to wear flip-flops

Not every activity is compatible with wearing flip-flops. Going on mountain treks is one good example. Although flip-flops are generally comfortable, you must also bear in mind that it has not that much of a durability, and dependability when walking along muddy swamps, on rough roads, or going uphill or downhill slopes. It does not only give you a bit of discomfort but will also affect your pace and walking stride, because flip-flops will not allow you to achieve your optimum stride in mountaineering.

E. Avoid choosing flip-flops that can cause foot irritation

The straps of the flip-flops especially if made by a bad material, can cause irritation and blisters, especially caused by the continuous rubbing of your foot’s skin against the strap. These irritations and blisters can be prevented by using anti-blister lubricants or pads. You need to be very vigilant in the occurrence of these irritations and blisters because it may lead to infection, especially if you are a person with diabetes.

F. Check for the APMA Seal of Acceptance

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has recognized that flip-flops can provide a proper foot support and can also promote a good foot health. APMA has been awarding their seal of approval for over 50 years now, and this means that the product has been subjected to a review by a group of podiatrists and examine the evidence the company provides on product testing for safety and quality control.

If the products don’t have a thorough documentation, or that such product does not promote good foot health, then the APMA has the power to reject such seal applications. APMA has a complete list of flip-flops that have their Seal of Acceptance.

Here are a few products that have APMA Seal of Acceptance


In 1992, Genesco, Inc. began manufacturing and marketing Docker’s Footwear under a license agreement with Levi Strauss & Co. With a product emphasis on style and performance Dockers Footwear has become one of the market leaders in men’s dress and causal shoes.

Most of their footwear contains some type of technology – for fit, comfort and easy care maintenance. Some of the featured technology includes: Smart 360 Flex, NeverWet, Comfort Zone, All Motion Comfort, Flyweight, Fusion Footbed, SureGrip Slip Resistance, it is also airport friendly.


Eleven years ago, Fitflop first put precision and ergonomics under a set of sporty looking straps. It has Microwobblenoard midsole, and launched it in the first FitFlop sandal.


Their footwear is built on foundation of biomechanically designed technology. They will bring customers from the yoga studio to the beach, and on weekend adventures all while aligning her spirit, body, mind and soles.

Revitalign is a lifestyle brand committed to designing footwear for the active and stylish woman. Their technology merges with on-trend styling to create comfortable footwear.

See Kai Run

In 2004, a Seattle mom was on a quest to find a shoe that was the best in health and design for her son’s feet. She was looking for fun, sophisticated styles that also promoted healthy foot developments; but she didn’t find any so she created See Kai Run, a dedicated team of footwear makers and designers carry on this mission.

Wearing a pair of flip-flops especially when you just want to walk around the city streets is very comforting, but, it will be more fun when you add your own personality to your custom flip-flops. There are also a number of ways to add glamour to a very seemingly simple footwear. There are a number of other stores selling good quality flip-flops. And the guidelines above can give you a more detailed insight in choosing the flop-flop that is right for you.