Most probably your sock drawer is filled with a variety of styles and colors of socks. No one likes cold feet that feel numb and miserable. It is not just the discomfort that comes with cold feet that should be your worry. There are also serious health impacts associated with cold feet. It is easy for the feet to get cold because they lack a generating musculature like other parts of the body. If you are looking for the best type of sock material to keep your feet warm, think of fleece line wool socks. They are warm and comfortable and help to regulate your body temperature.

Feet cold can feel very uncomfortable. Sometimes you might have standard socks bit these don’t provide sufficient warmth. For instance, cotton socks may be worn on other days but are not ideal during the cold weather since they don’t provide enough insulation. Various materials used in socks may not keep you warm and cozy such as wool. It dries much faster and has the amazing ability to take a third of its weight in moisture. Your feet will feel very toasty as soon as you slip into a pair of these.

Why You Should Buy Fleece Line Wool Socks

Wool is very warm and you will feel at ease when you wear them. Fleece is an incredible material in combination with wool when it is used as a lining of the socks. The main advantage of the material is that it is wholly breathable besides having insulating properties. If you have sweaty feet, you are especially going to like this material because they absorb moisture and ensure your feet remain dry.

The fleece line wool socks are the ideal choice for a person who wants to keep their feet warm while feeling comfortable regardless of the setting. Fleece and wool make a perfect combination of materials used in socks to keep your feet warm during the winter time. Your feet lose heat just like other parts of the body such as the head. When you always wear your socks, you ensure that the heat in your body does not escape.

It makes senses to find the best protection for your feet in view of the significant impact it can have on your health. Here a few reasons why you should protect your feet:

  • Increases circulation: the main reason why a lot of people develop cold feet is the lack of proper circulation. If the condition persists, it could be a sign of a major health issue such as arthritis or diabetes. The best way to ensure proper circulation is wearing socks and keeping your feet warm. For those who have any of the conditions mentioned, wearing socks can ease the pain and discomfort associated with those conditions.
  • Boosts the nervous system: there are numerous nerve endings at your feet that make up the full network of nerves throughout your body. That is why you feel very relaxed when you soak your feet in warm water or get a foot massage. You increase your well being and lower stress while wearing them.
  • Better sleep: the quality of your sleep is drastically affected when your feet are cold. It is the reason why you want to wear socks before going to bed. When you are warm your sleep improves and it also ensures that the heat coming from your feet is evenly distributed throughout your body.

The Delightful Experience of Wearing Socks

Cotton material is not an ideal type of socks to wear during the cold season because the material lacks insulating properties. Sometimes it just might feel that you are not wearing anything at all. Even if you have warm winter boots, wearing the wrong kind of socks will result in perspiration at the feet and you end up with cold and damp feet.

When you choose the best quality socks your feet will always be kept warm. Wool has several unique advantages over cotton and therefore it is the perfect fabric choice for socks. Wool has insulating properties and it can absorb high amounts of moisture compared to other materials.

If you have sweaty feet you will especially like wool socks because of their insulating properties. Wool also has antibacterial properties making them odor resistant. Besides, there is no need to wash them every time they are worn.

How to Take Good Care of Your Socks

  • Avoid machine wash. You can always hand wash and flat dry. It is the best way to keep your socks in good condition and in good shape.
  • Don’t wear the socks for an extended period of time especially if you are walking on carpet. This often results in fiber friction and it is not good for the socks longevity.
  • Buy high-quality Merino wool socks to avoid the itchiness that results from low-grade wool socks.

Importance of Liners

The sock liner is always a forgotten asset when it comes to keeping your feet dry and warm in cold weather. The thin material worn underneath the socks is its lining. It is important because it helps prevent blisters and acts like your second skin. You can thus avoid friction when wearing closed shoes such as boots. The thin wick also is good for drawing moisture away from the body. Ensure you choose liners that have synthetic fibers. Materials of poor quality will easily absorb moisture and are not easily breathable.

A sock liner adds a bit of extra insulation value and also transfers perspiration from the foot to the sock and therefore ensures your feet stay dry and fresh. If you do a lot of strenuous activities during the winter you should seriously consider investing in a pair of sock liners. You will be surprised how effective these thin liners are when it comes to keeping your feet dry and warm. They are comfortable to wear with any type of shoes.