The fishtail braid hairstyle looks absolutely gorgeous, many of us love this chic look but the problem is that not most of us can create it. With the increasing popularity of the fishtail braid hairstyle it is now important that you master this skill so that you can wear the fishtail braid at your own convenience.

How To Do A Fishtail Braid

Though the idea of perfectly creating a fishtail braid might seem difficult, the truth is that once you try, you get to realize that the fishtail braid is one of the easiest types of the braid to pull off. The only thing that might be a problem in creating the fishtail braid is wariness in your arm as this hairstyle involves separating your hair into small pieces. You should be aware that the fishtail braid is time-consuming and would require a bit of effort and commitment to pull it off.

fishtail braid


The first step in creating the fishtail braid hairstyle is separating your hair into two equal sections. Once this is done, take a half-inch piece from the outer parts of one of the sections and pull it over and across before joining it to the inside of the other section. Once you have done this repeat the same procedure to the other side. Continue this process until you are done with the entire length of the hair then you can tie off the ends. If you are looking to create a French fishtail braid, then you will have to start with a section of hair at the crown of your head slowly adding pieces to the braid as you go downwards.

How To Do A Side Fishtail Braid

A side fishtail braid is pretty easy to achieve. Even with little or no experience in braiding with some practice, you will be able to pull off a side fishtail braid in no time. In the side fishtail braid, you will only be braiding the ponytail and not the back of the head which makes it easy for you to see what exactly you are doing.

side fishtail braid


To pull this look perfectly you should start out by pulling your hair to one side of your head in a low ponytail before using a hair elastic band to hold it in place. For the next step, you would have to separate your ponytail into two even sections and pulling it towards your face fishtail braid your ponytail. Do this until you reach the end of your hair, secure with another elastic then go ahead to cut off the first elastic out at the top. You may use a small amount of hair to conceal the elastic at the bottom.

How To Do A Dutch Fishtail Side Braid

Once you have been able to create the simple fishtail braid and side fishtail braid then you can attempt to go for a more intricate and ambitious braid in the Dutch Fishtail side braid. As the name entails this looks basically entails creating a Dutch braid around the hairline before rounding things off with a fishtail braided ponytail.

dutch fishtail side braid


Start by creating a Dutch braid, to do this first section your hair into two parts and make one side visibly larger than the other. Once you have done this, braid your hair in regular fishtail braid fashion but instead of putting the pieces over the top pass them underneath, as you braid collect more hair. Once you are through braiding the top of your hair you then finish with a regular fishtail braid ponytail.

Easy Fishtail Braids For Short Hair

Do you think having short hair can stop you from pulling off that chic look with the fishtail braid hairstyle? You are wrong. You can definitely pull off the look as there are many variations of fishtail braids that there is definitely on that is going to to work with your short hair. For those with a short bob, you should consider a small fishtail braid that extends from your hairline in the back. You can also try a half-up style with fishtail braids which looks great on short hair too. If you want something fancy, you can hardly steer wrong with a fishtail up do.

fishtail braid for short hair

Tips In Fishtail Braiding

  • Ensure that you continue to pull on the braid tightly as you braid your hair into a fishtail. Doing this ensures that your hair does not appear loose or messy once you are done.
  • Keep your sections even in order to get a neat braid.
  • Half an inch is ideal for creating a regular fishtail braid.
  • Dust the strands with dry shampoo to help the hair stay in place and for extra grip.
  • You can achieve a loose fishtail by loosely pulling the braided sections as you go.