Picking the right outfit can make you look your best and feel your best. But what about picking the right hat or headwear to go with your favorite outfits? Hats make a big statement and having the right hat or headwear items in your closet can make all of your favorite outfits look even better than ever.

If you have been wanting to add some headwear to your wardrobe but are not sure which styles are the right ones for your needs, you need to check out this guide. We will talk about the headwear that makes the most sense for your needs and this will give you a great jumping-off point to start shipping for these fun accessories.

If you are ready to learn more about the best headwear to complement your wardrobe, you need to read on!

Sizing of Headwear

If you have never purchased a headwear item of any kind, you might not realize that these items are usually sold in various sizes. You might need to find out what your hat size is before you start adding these items to your closet to be sure that you are getting a hat or headwear item that will be comfortable all day long.

Not all hats come in extended sizes, so you will need to check on hats for large heads option if you have a very large head. Choosing a hat that fits you properly will make sure that you have a headwear item that looks amazing and one that will not hurt your forehead or give you a headache when you are wearing it.

Best Headwear to Complement Your Wardrobe

1. Beret

This is a really fun and classic hat style that looks amazing with anything. These hats travel well if you want to take them on vacation with you and they can make your style look fun, young, and fresh. You will want to pair these hats with solid-colored clothes and stay away from wearing loud patterns with them. They are their own unique statement and you want them to look like a fun pop of colorful style rather than one more noticeable item in a busy outfit.

A beret is a great choice for casual and dressy looks and you will love how comfortable this style of hat is for your all-day wear needs.

2. Cowboy Hat

woman wearing cowboy hat
Cowboy hats are a classic choice and they can come in many colors and be made out of many materials. You can find a cowboy hat that will fit your needs perfectly and you will love how these hats can elevate an outfit from boring to unique in one little step! This is a hat style that is comfortable for all-day wear as well which is a really nice feature of this choice.

This style of hat is sold for men and women and you will find that you can customize the hat bands on many of these hats or choose from different fun colors and materials within each design.

3. Beanie

The classic cold-weather hat, a beanie can actually be really stylish too. These are comfortable and durable hats that travel well and can be worn in any situation. You can match these hats to almost any kind of outfit and you will enjoy a soft and cozy fit from this kind of hat all day.

Beanies are really affordable and are made in many materials. If you can imagine a specific style of beanie or a specific material for your ideal beanie, you can probably buy this exact hat with ease.

4. Wide-Band Headband

While not a hat, the wide-band style of headbands that are currently quite popular are a really great addition to all kinds of outfits. You can simply smooth your hair and slip this headband onto your head to give yourself the same benefits as a hat without having to wear one. These are soft and made of stretchy cloth in most cases which makes them very comfortable and allows them to be made in many different patterns and from many materials.

Wide-band headbands are a really great option if you want to add some headwear to your closet but are not ready to commit to buying hats. You will also love these headwear items because they can be used for working out, a fancy dinner, or work and still look stylish.
woman wearing wide hat

5. Wide-Brim Hats

There are many hat styles that fall under this heading and they are all stylish and really fun to add to any outfit. You will love having a wide-brim hat in your closet for when it’s a little cool or rainy or when it’s sunny and you don’t want to squint. You will also love how much this style of hat can dress an outfit up with ease.

Wide-brimmed hats are really fun and they are a classic style so they will never become unpopular or unfashionable. This is a versatile hat style that you will love adding to your closet for a whole variety of reasons.

Headwear Can Make all your Favorite Outfits Even More Unique

woman wearing checkered dungarees and beretIf you love to make a statement when you dress up, you need some headwear in your closet. There is nothing that makes an impression like a hat or a headwear item and there are so many styles out there to choose from. These are the most classic styles that you can pick and most of them are perfect for those with a larger hat size as well.

Being able to dress in a way that is memorable and really unique is a big benefit of adding accessories to your closet. If you have not invested in some headwear to add to your favorite styles, you can use this guide to help you to get the most out of your favorite clothing items. Headwear can make your favorite looks chic, fresh, and really unique and you will love that you have taken the time to add these accessories to your closet.