When you ask people to define what makes a home, it is rarely about the four walls and the roof above. Home is the place you share with the ones you love and where you feel at ease. Comfort is an essential component for every house that targets to be called a “home”. We will explore together the main aspects of feeling fine inside your own home.

We leave in a challenging world and most of the comfort offered by a home relies on defining a boundary between you and the rest. Security and privacy should be the premises on which architects would start designing the houses of the future. Overpopulation has brought people closer to each other than ever before, and this certainly creates anxiety and stress. At the same time, there is an increasing tendency to eliminate intimacy and put life as whole on display on display. Internet security and social media are just some hints on what to expect in the years to come. Surveillance systems are already recording most of what happens in an urban environment and drones could soon make houses with generous windows obsolete.

From this point of view, investing in things that offer an enhanced feeling of privacy and security is a strategy that can only make a home better. Window shutters are the simplest and most effective solution for keeping unwanted attention away from your life and from that of your family. For geographical areas where the heat is a problem during the summer months, window shutters also provide the needed shade, reducing the amount of heat that is received through direct radiation, and helping with the AC costs. Easy to maintain, today’s plantation shutters are made from materials that are UV resistant. It is true that having enough natural light is another premise of living comfortable, but this is a compromise most house owners are willing to make.

Sound insulation is another item that improves comfort inside a home. There are many factors to weight in here, and all discussions start from the original quality of the materials used. Some of them are much better at isolating the inside from the outside, or rooms between one another. The acoustic properties of a home are a feature easy to ignore when you find yourself in the position of being a buyer or a tenant. This happens because an empty house will always fool your ears.

Depending on the climate, comfort is largely influenced by the interior air parameters. Temperature and humidity go hand in hand and influence how well we feel at home and how much we have to rely on air conditioning/heating. Passive measures are always preferable, mostly because they allow important money savings to happen over the course of years. A thermal envelope works in both ways, keeping warmth inside during the cold months, and slowing down heat intake during the summer.

home windows

The windows of your home are very important to your comfort. You need them to keep the cold out in winter, and keep the heat out in summer. If they are energy efficient, they will make it more of a joy to live inside your house. If they are old and drafty and damaged, it is very important to replace them with new windows. You may want to do this yourself to save money, or to get the feeling that you are giving love to your house, but it will be easier to get your windows repaired by a reputable company.

Although we cannot see it, water is all around the environment, even inside our own homes. Water determines air humidity, which in terms influences the way we perceive temperature. Water vapors are released in the air of the room by people inside it or by household processes like drying clothes or cooking. Proper ventilation is needed in order to avoid a damp atmosphere and mold development. This can be achieved with an efficient exhaust system and considering the type of roofing you use.

Interior chromatic is another component of comfort. Some people might not be aware, but colors have the ability to influence our mood. You do not need to reach depression in order to understand that cold and dark colors will give your home a more sober aspect, making family members and guests feel down. At the same time, bright and vivid colors can promote extreme fatigue and unrest, draining energy which would otherwise go towards important activities.

Last but equally important with all that was mentioned before, the way space is being used also contributes to overall comfort. We live times in each it is considered a good habit to surround yourself with dozens of objects and appliances, each with a role that is becoming increasingly unique and specialized. Homeowners who feel the need to make some changes should begin by embracing minimalism as a way to declutter their houses. A simpler life promotes the idea of praising the aspects that really matter.

Feeling better inside your own home is a mix between comfort and cultivating rewarding relationships.