We all want to make some extra money. Either it’s for meeting some unexpected expenses or for becoming rich. You, me and every other person think of working part-time or on an idea that is out of the box. But very few become successful.

These are the people who work smartly and just concentrate on what they are doing. Today we are going to list 5 such rich people who acquired money in the most unconventional way possible.

Read about them and get inspired:

PewDiePie – YouTube videos

A famous YouTuber, who started his channel as a hobby but soon became more than popular. PewDiePie’s real name is Felix Kjellberg.

He started his channel at the age of 14 and time and efforts brought him more than 9 million views and 57 million subscribers on his channel. He plays video games and does commentary while playing it, which is liked by viewers a lot. Now, he makes about 12+ million dollars from his hobby.

Isn’t it a good way to make money while playing? Hell, ya… He has inspired many other YouTubers to start video game walkthroughs.

Rhys Davies – online glitter graphics

It was 2006 and this guy was making glitter graphics for people to use for their profiles on MySpace. He was just 14 years old at that time.

He used to make the graphics available free of cost on his website. And you can’t even imagine how much he made just by providing the free stuff. He made more than $100,000 in revenue within 1 year of his start through advertising banner ads.

That sounds crazy and impossible. But this dude made money through it. This unconventional approach is something that everyone must get inspired of.

Nikki Night – Webcam Modelling

This gorgeous lady is 33 years old but can make any of you feel aroused just by her presence. She is a gig as a cam girl and gives coaching to girls for webcam modeling in-order to increase their income. She is one hell of a lady and is popularly known as the Vince Lombardi of cam girls.

She started webcamming when she was short on money and her friend suggested her to start webcamming. It was not long when she became the night dream of every guy around.

In one of her session of 1 hour she made more than $700. I know that’s a big amount and so is she. She is a head of performer training and development at Cam4.

She teaches models how to perform in front of cam from their bedroom and how to make extra bucks by making own fan club.

Dani Johnson – get-healthy plan

Dani Johnson is an eminent speaker, mentor and a coach. She is currently a multi-tycoon mentor and weight loss coach, who offers her knowledge to individuals who are hoping to lose fat and get thin and have that conditioned body.

Many individuals around the globe have worked in the business of get-healthy plans and profited. Yet, what differentiates Dani Johnson is that she began when she was destitute, living in a car and working as a waitress. Today, at 23 years old, she has her own weight-loss program and is the owner of a multi-tycoon organization.

Alex Tew – Million Dollar Homepage

Alex Tew was a student thinking of gaining some cash to get him through the college and pay the educational cost expenses of his three year course.

Rather than searching for low maintenance, he accomplished something unprecedented that totally changed his life in couple of months.

He launched a site named Million Dollar Homepage. His thought was to pitch pixels on his site to individuals hoping to advertise their sites or their business. He charged $1 for each pixel that individuals would purchase. In a few months he completed the selling and earned his initial million dollars.

He was just 21 when he began Million Dollar Homepage site, now he is the CEO of a start-up called Calm which helps individuals in disposing of their worry through contemplation.

Final Thoughts

It is said that hard-work always pays off. No matter the field you work in or how weird is your idea. Just concentrate on your work and strive towards success.

It has been generally observed that, every new thing appears unconventional and weird in the beginning. But once you are successful, everyone will follow you.

No matter what you do or how you do – just do it.