The magic pill that effortlessly takes you from a cramped chamber to the free world of entrepreneurship simply doesn’t exist. Some people have been dreaming for years of becoming successful before it brought the first results. Women entrepreneurs have shared their secrets of success and told not only their stories of business development but also how to become a truly successful entrepreneur and build a big business from scratch.

Sophia Amoruso

“Do not give up, do not take anything personally, and remember that “no” is not the answer”, Sophia advises.

Since she founded Nasty Gal, a vintage clothing store on eBay 13 year ago, Sophia has turned her company into an empire with its own fashion line and a turnover of several million dollars. In 2012 she was awarded the title of the fastest developing entrepreneur. Not so long ago, the heroine of the bestseller, according to the New York Times – #GIRLBOSS has left her post as CEO of Nasty Gal to focus on marketing and devote time to the creative part of the work.

Before creating Nasty Gal, Sophia had no experience in the fashion industry. According to Amoruso, her success is simply the result of hard work and self-confidence.

Tara Gentile

She decided to start her own business when she was refused promotion because of pregnancy. In six months after the birth of her daughter, she founded a small niche site and community. Then she bought a working blog, and almost the next day, she started earning more than she had earned at her previous job. Since then, her business has grown substantially, but she is glad that she started that way many years ago!

Tara, a very successful business instructor on the CreativeLive portal, has gone the way from selling her services to turning them into full-fledged digital products. Thanks to that, her business has reached a new level, and now she helps people create a finished product and work out the right pricing strategy.

Beate Chelette

“Do you remember those photo wallpapers with the stunning landscapes that were in most children’s bedrooms in the 80s? Being a kid, I wished the same, but I had no money. Then I understood that if I became a dealer, I would get one for free. So, I started a photo wallpaper business right in my bedroom,” said Beata.

When she grew up, she got the position of photo editor at Elle magazine. She had complete freedom of expression (after all, the magazine needed her ideas). But still, something was constantly lacking. After carefully considering the problem, she came to the conclusions that she wanted to change her life and implemented her own ideas.

She has achieved all this, building almost her entire career as an entrepreneur. She always says, “You will have to cope with fear and work hard, but the results will exceed your expectations”.

Amy Schmittauer

She started her career with terribly hard work. After working full-time, she realized that she wanted to be her own boss. It took another 18 months before she decided to quit and realize her dream. During this time, she tried to get all possible skills in the chosen field within her main job. Amy spent holidays and free money on conferences, contacts, and acquaintances as well as a part-time job with anyone who agreed to accept her help. First, she did it for free, then for a nominal fee, until she gained confidence in her portfolio and decided to fully concentrate on her own business.

Everyone wants decisions to be made easily and at a convenient time, but this will never happen. Work hard. Prove that you are ready to continue working even when you are against the world. And then make your dream come true.

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