Whether you’re living, let’s say in Colorado or California, there are fine family rental options which can serve you. That said, in some places, you’ve got to get more creative than in others. Housing costs are up these days, prompting many into the tiny home/motorhome living solution. But this can be rough on a family.

Still, it could be superior to apartment dwelling, depending on the kind of apartment solutions you’re able to find. Additionally, there are apartment options out there where you can rent-to-own; though these are less visible than some other, more common rental living solutions.

Your ability to choose living arrangements for you and your family will in some degree be metered by where you live. A larger metropolis will have costlier rental units toward the center of town. Buyable properties will additionally be higher. Smaller towns provide greater selection for less cost.

Then you’ve got this to consider: some cities are less costly than others. For example, what you pay for a luxurious apartment solution in Denver may only get you a unit that’s half as viable in California.

Since I’ve mentioned Colorado and California let me give you some examples:

The Henry Apartments of Platt Park represent a neighborhood long revered for its artistic spirit and eclectic heart. 403 units of inspired architecture create a living experience unlike anything else. A home at The Henry truly is your canvas for creating the life you’ve always envisioned in Denver, CO.

Meanwhile, on the California side of things, cost-effective apartments near UC Davis exist, but they’re not generally aimed at familial situations. However, at only $705 per month each bedroom comes with a full bath, 2 full-sized beds, 2 desks, 2 desk chairs, and 2 drawer dressers.

Still, if you had to for a few months, you could make such “dorm” situation work for your family. The key is thinking for the long-term. Where do you intend to be twenty years from today? Are you still intending to live in a small apartment, or do you want to own your dwelling? And, owning your dwelling, do you intend to profit from it through sale down the line?

Apartments are ideal for temporary situations, or those where a fixed level of income can keep you comfortable over the long-term. For example, if you moved to a larger city from a smaller town, you might set up in an apartment until you understand the rhythm of the new place, and have found a better living solution.

Then there’s this consideration: what if you need to travel between multiple large cities, and have a base of operations that isn’t defined by some hotel? In such a situation, going the rental route can be very recommendable. You have what you need where you need it, and you can travel light.

Your family needs to have somewhere to live that you can trust in, and which is geographically located such that local amenities are nearby. With families, you need to consider local school districts, transport availability, where the best eating and entertainment is, whether or not young ones are safe beyond the domain of your apartment—the list goes on.

One thing you should do to ensure you make the right living choice is take your time. Look at more than one property to rent. You should likely consider a minimum of three, seven is better. Consider whether utilities are gas or electric (which is more expensive will depend on your region), consider amenities, and consider the longest time you plan on staying there.

Don’t worry – there are options out there. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is allowing yourself to be rushed into a living situation you don’t want to be in because you’re afraid you’ll lose out on housing. If the housing market is so tight, then the job you’d have should be able to pay you more than is necessary for rental living; otherwise, you might just want to move somewhere else.