Fashion designers are relying more and more on eyeglasses as a key fashion accessory to complement their designs. This trend was obvious in the Fashion Week in London from 17th to 21st February. Whether as a stylish retro element or as a character statement – eyewear will be an essential part of a fashionable appearance in 2017.

This is the result of a broad survey conducted by Edel-Optics, the online eyewear provider. In this survey, leading designers and fashion experts expressed their opinion on this topic. The result shows that accessories are increasingly becoming the focus in the overall conceptual design. Bags, jewellery, belts, shoes and especially eyewear are not just regarded as an optional ‘extra’, but often constitute the highlight of the designs.

Eyewear design is gaining in importance

The best examples are the designs presented by Anya Hindmarch at the London Fashion Week. This fashion designer has always been well-known for incorporating accessories in an extremely creative manner. This year eyewear is in the limelight, as every design without exception puts eyewear on centre stage, very often in unusual styles.

Unprecedented variety of eyewear frames

Due to the increasing importance of eyeglasses, 2017 has brought forth an unprecedented variety of frames on the market. Main trends are large, so-called ‘oversize eyeglasses’, round frames, retro models like cat-eyes, delicate and minimalist frames.

Eyewear trends combined with clothing fashion

The fact that eyeglasses are becoming more and more important as a fashion accessory is evident in their increasing popularity among celebrities – from Katy Perry to Kirsten Stewart. This is also emphasized by Catharina Rüß, Lecturer in Fashion Theory and Trend Research at the Academy of Fashion and Design. “Trends in eyewear are linked to trends in fashion clothing,” emphasizes the lecturer.

A survey among European fashion students conducted within the framework of the investigation confirms this trend. 69% of the respondents regard the importance of eyewear as being on the increase or as remaining high.