Exams always have a numbing effect on students. Some choose to remain quiet during the exam period and avoid others because they are preparing for their finals. Others form discussion groups in the hope of sharpening each other before the final exams. Regardless of the routine people adopt some end up passing while others fail. So, what sets these people apart? Do they have certain skill sets that they use to help them pass the finals? Well, we are here to let you know that they have read an article like this and have put to use the snippets we provide below. While reading this article, don’t take it as any article you read in your day to day activities. As an academic essay writing service, we excel in making others better and we seek to do the same with you. Below are some hot final exam tips we hope will be of help to you.

Do not cram

This is not new to you by now. This piece of advice is all over the schools and teachers will repeat this every year. Cramming won’t help you retain information. As a matter of fact, cramming will only help to heighten your anxiety levels. You need to read to understand. The best way to do this is to schedule your study sessions in repetitive sessions. This will help you retain information for a long time. Reading to understand means you grasp the concept and explain it. So, avoid final exam study tips that tell you to cram.

Eat well

This is basic knowledge. Your body cannot function without food. The same way that a car needs fuel to run, your brain needs food to function. During exams, students buy a lot of energy drinks but these are not good when you are thinking long-term. You need food and you should never go to an exam room in an empty stomach. You may read many articles that tell you how to pass final exams but fail in the end because you decided not to eat. Don’t ignore this piece of wisdom. Eat before you go for an exam.

Arrive in the exam room early

You are not doing the exams alone. So, get to class well before the exam starts. Talk to your classmates and ask questions. Talk about what they feel are important areas and what appear to be the hardest bits. Get to know how they think about certain areas. Ask about theories, formulas, and anything you believe is essential. Don’t get to the exam room a few minutes before the exam starts. Make sure you pick the minds of your classmates. This is a finals tips for college students that you can ignore but that will help you sharpen your understanding of a subject.


You are about to do an exam. The least you can do is to make sure your mind is thinking about the exam and not about anything else. As one of the tips for the final exam, this is pretty obvious. Drifting away during exams can happen and this can eat into your time. Avoid thinking about things that will make you wonder or drift and thus make you lose yourself in your thoughts. After every question, take some time to focus on the next one. One way to help you focus is to reward yourself after every successful period.

Go concept by concept

Going concept by concept allows you to understand certain ideas and subjects deeper. Understanding will help you get a better grade. This is because you will not skip any concept. When you go concept by concept, you spend time on one and only move on to the next after you understand the previous one. Help your brain remember information by taking the time to understand one thing before you decide to move to the next one.

Don’t be in a hurry

We know you want to be out of the class in an hour or two. But, you need not hurry beyond what is necessary. Writing experts from EssayZoo advise that you pace yourself. Take time to go through the test. Look at the questions in the paper. Identify the questions you will work on first. Looking through test taking tips for college students, you will notice that the majority will tell you to take time to plan. This is true, you need to plan how you will attack the paper. Don’t start the moment your invigilator tells you to. Have a strategy and then proceed to execute it.

Have different study spots

As a student, we suspect you have one study spot. However, we are here to tell you to change your study spots from time to time. Familiarity can lead to boredom and we want you to have a new environment every time you feel your environment is becoming familiar to you. As a finals study tip, students often ignore this snippet. But, if you take your time to monitor yourself, you will realize that becoming familiar with a place can lead to problems. So, alternate your study spots from time to time and maintain your focus.


Exercising helps to make you relax and to free your mind. Studies confirm that exercising helps to improve your memory. So, don’t focus on many study tips for finals that tell you to be indoors and work hard. You need breaks and exercising can help you focus even better. So, take time and exercise. You won’t only relieve stress for yourself but will also make it easier for you to attack an exam with energy and a fresh brain.

Don’t have long study sessions

During the exam period, students spend hours studying. Others take study overnight and in the end fail to pass an exam. This is depressing. You shouldn’t study for more than an hour without taking a 5 to 10-minute break. So, don’t think that studying for loner hours will help you pass an exam. Take breaks and be effective in the long-run.

In conclusion, as you go through these study tips for college exams, make sure you take time to practice. Don’t read these tips like any other. Adopt them and make use of them and in the end, they will benefit you.