A common misconception is to regard event productions as simply a company that plans special events like weddings, birthday parties, music festivals, company year enders and the like. It is also not just an equipment provider for rental stages, giant LCD screens and sound systems. Nor are they the only companies that offer the services of their contracted talents and models that can appear or facilitate at your events. And they certainly are more than a venue. Basically, event production is not just about the event planning and the equipment. So what is it?

An event production involves entire process of creating, managing, directing and, yes, planning of an event. Many event production companies Los Angeles offer to produce these events with every minute detail planned out and, later, executing these plans. The event manager should be in charge of every major and minor aspect. No matter how small or big the clients are, the production team has to come up with a concept that, not only stays true to the theme of the event, but it should offer creativity that goes beyond what the clients are imagining. It is a delicate profession that commands utmost diligence. Event production is not an easy task given that each customer has a specific taste that has to be satisfied and that the reputation of a business is greatly dependent on how well you have performed in your last job.

Managing the financial side, being caught up with all the needed components specific to the client, having a relationship and knowledge with the all the necessary suppliers, and forecasting a future with each step along the way are all essential skills and masteries that are needed to produce a good enough show to warrant an, often times expensive, production. Customers often do not mind the money spent on one shot events such as these. It is human nature to let loose on special occasions as evidenced by the massive wedding industry and other similar industries. With all of that in mind, if you are needing to hire an event production company, wanting to start one of your own, looking to join one, or for whatever reason, there are a few things you need to know about. And these things are:

Attendance is good, but event productions are all about the experience

When event production companies begins preparing the events, they often take care of the dissemination of information. This means they are in charge of the invitations and making sure that these guests arrive on time should they decide to come. From the moment these invitation letters are read by the guests, until the they get to their homes and open up their goodie bags, their experience is the responsibility of the event production company.

At the venue, when the guest arrives, they should be met with a dazzle enough to make everyone around them smile. There are specifically important movements at crowded spaces such as these that brings to attention what the event is all about. This moment should be crystalized in the guests’ memories and the effect should last way beyond the timeline of the production. This is not an easy thing to pull off and requires a mastery of the craft brought upon only from countless hours of experience.

Technique and creativity are the two pillars

There should be no wasted effort when creating an atmosphere for an event. The lighting, music, decorations, food, an even the foot traffic should all be in sync. It is common pitfall for event production companies to take for granted minute details that could ultimately prove consequential to the overall experience. When you are trying to set the the mood, everything can either be a step forward, or a step back, towards and from that mood.

The human aspect should never be forgotten

As an event producer, you should be extremely wary of how the general crowd feels during the actual event. At the planning stage, feedback systems should be in place to actively gauge the feel of the room. It can be almost magical to be able to set these moods by adjusting minor details to suit the moments. For instance, you could try to work on the audio system to lower volumes or mix them. You can also work on the lighting to bring into attention the centerpieces of the party and to reduce the effect of less significant event spots. The performances themselves, could be asked to be toned down or dialed up to suit the current moods.

It is all about sharing a piece of the event with each one of the guests

If there is one thing that all service industries have in common, it is the great value they derive from being remembered. It is certainly not easy to market a business that charges tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even though clients often go over the top to spend during special moments such as weddings, they will still be wary when shelling out a hundred thousand dollars without assurance of the services.

This is why it is extremely important that the guests each have memorable moments during the events because these guests are all potentially your next customers. And they could as well help spread the word should they have a favorable time at the event.

This can be done, not just by handing out memorable tokens, but by knowing the audience well. What speaks to them, what drives them, and what talks to them at a personal level. It could be a lot of work, but big businesses like these should know that this is the only way they survive.

It is all a performance

The theatre is probably the perfect microcosm of a produced event. You take notice of your audience. And you make sure each one is engaged at the central theme. It is also like a theatre in that everything from the lighting to the seating arrangement is part of the performance.