As an entrepreneur, one of the most important things you need to work on is getting your name out there. Your business is next to nothing if anybody barely knows it exists. Hence, you must put great effort into your marketing strategies. Social media, on the other hand, has become one of the biggest battlefields for brands and organizations in showcasing themselves. However, getting noticed through social media is definitely not a piece of cake. In this article, you will be able to brush up on the importance of digital engagement and get tips on how to increase social media presence.

Tips for an Effective Social Media Engagement


Choose the best platform

Managing multiple social media platforms for your brand can be quite challenging. Having to post updates, respond to comments, and other social media tasks can consume a lot of time, let alone doing all these for all the other platforms you signed up for.

Choose two or three platforms that fit your line of business instead. If your products involve consumer products, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are great options. If your brand involves online news and web articles, Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon are the ideal ones.

Use the right tools

Social media marketing success is unattainable without the use of third party tools. One of the best ways to increase social media presence is to track down target audience and find relative content that suits their interests and behavior. Using social media marketing tools can also help you organize posts through tools that have scheduling features such as Edgar, Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Buffer, and more. Some social media marketing tools also have features that automatically skim relevant contents based on the keywords you input.

Content Curation and Sharing

Sharing valuable content through your social media page is a great way to engage with your audiences and reach new followers. Even if it is not the content you made, sharing other’s post is one of the easiest ways to provide constant updates on your social media platforms. On the other hand, content curation is also a chance for you to tag the authors behind every post you share. Content curation and sharing are definitely considered lifesavers for social media pages whose follower’s interests are going down. Even if you have a very interactive audience, content curation is still a great way to increase social media presence.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags (#) are commonly used on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram in order to reach more audience. The hashtag is also used on Pinterest to help categorize your posts and reach more audience. However, you can’t just input words and include hashtag signs to it. You definitely have to skim through the relevant keywords that coincide your content’s niche.

There are tons of ways you can find relevant keywords to hashtag. Websites like, RiteTag and Twittonomy are popular for trending keywords.

Use Images, GIFs, and Memes

Another way to increase social media presence is to use images, GIFs, and memes to give life to your contents. Images help you reach more shares; GIFs and memes help give your brand some personality. As a social media manager, you have to know that the users use social media mainly for entertainment. Jumping on the bandwagon and sharing the fun should also be a part of your digital marketing strategies.

Benefits of Social Media Engagement


Increased Brand Recognition

social media engagementConsidering the number of individuals who have access to social media, the chance to increase social media presence for your brand is in the palm of your hand. The key to making the most of the social media platforms is to come up with a comprehensive social media marketing technique and allocate regular time on enforcing them.

Improved Customer Relations

Social media is not only a tool for you to share content and increase brand marketability, but you can also communicate with your customers and address their concerns with your chosen platform too. Customers can post comments or send messages to your page, and they expect a timely response. It will be a great opportunity for you to give them satisfactory response and a great customer service experience.

Cost-efficient Advertising

Advertising through social media is definitely free unless you avail for paid promotions which are relatively affordable than any other form of marketing mediums. Through social media advertising, you will be able to increase social media presence without breaking the bank.


There you go – these are some of the most effective ways to increase social media presence for your brand. Being an effective digital marketer is never an easy job. Reaching out to your target audience effectively can take quite some time. However, thanks to new and innovative technologies like social media, increasing customer engagement became less of a pain in the neck.