The world is moving at a rapid pace and far too often the corporate world feels like a ruthless engine that is being fed by a steady supply of low-wage workers that feel more like programmed robots rather than actual human beings with physical, mental and emotional needs and shortcomings.

Companies have become increasingly negligent of employee well being to the point that their performance is heavily impacted owing to bad eating habits, irregular working hours, ridiculous amount of overtime, sleep deprivation and a lack of physical fitness. All this has resulted in a less energetic workforce, with a lack of focus and dwindling stamina that experiences enormous difficulty handling everyday tasks.

Statistics show that these factors are the cause of deteriorating efficiency in the workplace leading to less than optimum performances by staff and managers alike.

We intend to present some tried and tested alternatives that are guaranteed to ensure the company employees’ health and by extension, get company performance back on track.


The company can arrange a few on-site classes than help educating the employees on the merits of healthy eating. If the classes are accompanied by a qualified nutritionist or dietician, it will be immensely helpful. Someone who has the necessary knowledge on how a diet plan that is healthy, rich in protein and essential nutrients will protect individuals from a range of conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes.

The company should lead by setting an example. Stocking the workplace canteen with proper healthy food instead of the typical junk collection is a positive step. A better option would be to hire a professional chef to cook for the employees, that would be a welcomed option, for sure.

Setting up cooking classes that feature interesting yet healthy recipes will encourage workers to adapt. Meal plans should be handed out so that they can also apply the same standard at their own homes.


Employees should be educated on the pros and cons of different kinds of meals; such as the benefits of natural fats and a protein rich diet as opposed to carbohydrate loaded processed food.

Communication is the key to getting through to most of those people. The dialogue has to begin somewhere and the responsibility for the well being of the workers falls on the employers themselves.


Exercise plays a huge role, not only in the physical fitness of a human being but also in their mental well being. Research has shown daily exercise reduces depression, anxiety and work related stress.

Sitting in front of a computer screen for eight hours a day, punching numbers into a keyboard without any relief is a sure fire way to burn yourself out.

The introduction of a gym and a fitness center will be a welcome addition to the office space where employees can work out in their spare time, get the blood flowing to their brain, allowing them to continue going about the rest of their workday in a much more enthusiastic, animated manner.

The health and happiness of the employees is closely linked with the success of the company. There is mutual benefit for both the parties involved.