The exceptional astrological benefits and unsurpassed beauty of emeralds make them a loved gemstone. With the growing trends of fashionable colored gemstones, emerald jewelry has become a fashion accessory as well. It adds a mystic charm to your personality. For centuries, emerald has been the highly revered gemstone known for its aura and impeccable properties. This green precious stone has won every heart since the antiquities. It was heavily mined in various civilizations throughout the human history. In the contemporary times as well, the popularity of this stone from Beryl family hasn’t faded. In fact, it is a preferable choice for fashionable and astrologically beneficial jewels like rings and pendants.
emerald ring
Why Wear Emerald Rings?

If you believe the astrological calculations and theories, emerald jewelry that touches the skin of the wearer can turn around the fortunes in their favor. This stone represents knowledge and wisdom. By wearing a Panna ring, you can accomplish excellence in academics and can get a better communication skill. Additionally, you can avail the mystical benefits of this gemstone by wearing it in the form of a ring. It can become your ultimate possession with the sheer charm and elegance of emerald.

Why Wear Emerald Pendant?

There are numerous benefits of wearing this amazing gemstone in the form of a stunning pendant. It improves the level of concentration in the wearer and relieves stress. Moreover, the pendants can improve your communication skills and boost your confidence to scale new heights of success in the desired field.

emerald ringsChoosing the Right Type of Emerald for the Fashion Jewelry:

Before exploring the latest trends in designs of an emerald ring for men and women, you should pay attention to the selection of a genuine gemstone. You must analyze their quality on the parameters like origin, cut, clarity, color, and uniqueness. Understand their natural properties and prefer buying emerald gemstone online from a reliable store like Remember, Columbian emeralds are the most treasured and rare varieties. Look for a richly saturated color and prefer high clarity with minimum inclusions. In terms of uniqueness, you can consider the options like star emerald rings and pendants. These are beautiful gems exuding the perfect balance of elegance and purity.

What Are the Latest Trends to be Followed This Year?

emerald ringEvery year, the fashion trends evolve for gemstone jewelry. This year you can expect to see a lot of emeralds decking the fashion shows and fingers of the renowned celebrities. The main trends to follow include the everlasting solitaire setting of emerald in a ring or pendant. A stone cut as a cabochon and studded beautifully in precious metals is a perfect style statement.

The split shank design is also expected to become a norm for the fashion jewelry segment. In this ring design, a solitaire stone is surrounded by the band that is split on either side. It gives a unique vintage style.

Apart from these, look for the bands in rose gold and sterling silver metals. And, check out the very stylish emerald-cut rings that look minimalistic yet charming.

For all the astrological benefits and immense beauty of emerald stone choose the right type of jewel in a fashionable design trend this year.