Homeowners that do a minor kitchen remodel can see an 81 percent payback on their investment. This is compared to only a 59 percent payback for major kitchen remodels.

Updating a few aspects could be more effective than renovating the entire kitchen.

So, what aspects do you focus on? If you’re not moving anytime soon, imagine your dream kitchen. What would make it more elegant, relaxing, functional, and stress-free?

If you’re out of ideas, we got you covered. Here are nine brilliant ideas for a kitchen remodel of your dreams.

1. Efficient Storage Options

No matter how trendy open shelves are in a kitchen, they don’t provide as much storage as cabinets. If you’re lacking storage space as it is, create a more efficient system.

Consider installing floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. Not only is this a decorative statement, but you create ample storage space. Every inch of your kitchen’s walls get used.

To reduce the clutter in your kitchen, install deep pull-out shelves and drawers. One should be big enough to hold your garbage and recycling bins.

Custom pull-outs are also space efficient. Take the space between your fridge and the wall for a pull-out spice shelving unit. Create more counter space by installing slabs that can slide under the existing ones.

2. Smart Appliances

Technology has allowed for amazing improvements to the kitchen. If you want a functional, sleek design, incorporate some of these high-tech innovations.

For one, install faucet taps with motion sensors. No more grabbing the tap handle with dirty hands! Simply wave your hand in front of the faucet and the water turns on or off.

Another impressive technology is the smart refrigerator. This fridge includes a large LED screen on the door so you can see all the contents inside. Instead of wasting energy by holding the door open to scan for a snack, look at the screen.

Like the rest of your smart house, the lights in your kitchen can connect to your smartphone. Set them brighter when baking, and dimmer when enjoying a glass of wine with your partner.

3. Quartz Countertops

If you have the budget, spring for quartz countertops. Not only do these look elegant and classy, but they’re resilient.

Quartz is quickly taking over the granite market share. Granite is porous and needs maintenance; quartz is pore-free and easy to maintain.

It comes in a range of stone patterns and color shades. You can even get custom quartz in the style of your new kitchen. If you’re not sure which quartz style to go with, this service can help you pick.

4. Dark Neutrals

Have you seen enough all-white kitchens with splashes of off-white? You’re not alone. Most people are excited to see this trend decline as a new one comes in.

Today, professional designers are opting for dark cabinetry and neutrals. Think all black cabinets, or even dark navy and dark emerald green.

It’s all about choosing a cohesive color scheme. But it doesn’t have to include whites. Choose two dark colors to use and two lighter colors to integrate.

This new neutral palette is full of character and personality. And, it hides dirt easier than white cabinets do. For your dream kitchen remodel, don’t be afraid of the darks.

5. Focus on the Island

In the past, kitchen islands were an afterthought. They would get installed when extra storage or counter space was needed.

Now, kitchens get designed around the island.

Your kitchen island should be level with the other countertops. And, take advantage of the extra dining space. Buy bar stools or a bench to slide under one side of the island.

For a strong dose of elegance, install the main sink in the island. Other appliances also look chic on the island, like the dishwasher or oven.

At the very least, use every square foot of the island for storage. Don’t make this island an afterthought; plan your remodel around it.

6. Bridging the Outdoors and Indoors

You’ve seen the mass obsession with plants and greenery indoors. Everyone wants the benefits of bringing the outdoors in. Plants filter the air and create a serene atmosphere.

For your new kitchen, take advantage of the nearby outdoor space. If you have a backyard off the kitchen, connect to it with larger sliding doors. Or, French doors for a more elegant look.

Opt for larger kitchen windows with thick window sills. Window sills are the perfect place for growing herbs and spices indoors.

Continue the style and design of your new kitchen to the backyard patio. Buy patio furniture that looks cohesive with the kitchen’s décor.

7. Backsplash Bonanza

Although subways tiles don’t seem to be going away, there are more options for the backsplash to choose from. Don’t feel constrained to only choose large white subway tiles.

Consider going dark with your backsplash along with your cabinetry. You’ll get a neutral background that doesn’t distract from the overall kitchen aesthetic. But, it still looks classic and chic.

You could also opt for an eclectic mix and match of colors or patterns. One trendy idea is to use a tile mosaic with a different Mediterranean print on each. From afar, it looks like an interesting and seamless backsplash of cohesive colors.

Another popular backsplash trend is the use of large stone slabs. There are no individual tiles to install, just one large slab. You could get quartz, marble, granite, or any other stone tile.

Some trendy slabs are made of wood, copper, glass, and stainless steel. These options truly change the vibe of your kitchen. You could go from bohemian, hippie chic to modern and classic elegance.

Want More Ideas for a Kitchen Remodel?

You don’t need to do an entire overhaul of your kitchen. Minor renovations give you a higher ROI and cost less than a full remodel.

Use the ideas for a kitchen remodel above. Create an elegant, stress-free hub for your family to gather. Opt for functionality over trendy aesthetics.

When you’re ready to start your remodel, will you hire a contractor? If so, there are some things you should remember when hiring one. Keep communication clear so you both create a job well done.