2019 has been a tough year for SEO specialists, and 2020 will likely be the same. Google and other major search engines released countless updates and algorithm changes that hit a lot of unconscious website owners. Black hat SEO is effective, but only short-term. If you want to dominate SERPs and stay there forever, you have to implement the most effective white hat strategies. Here are some of them.

Provide Quality and Useful Content

Easier said than done, but it’s the only way to be ultimately sure that your website will stay on top. Content has always been a king, and in 2020 it’s even more true. Google is constantly trying to increase the user’s experience, and that’s why they reward these helpful websites.

In the past, it was enough to write relevant content, but Google went one step further. Google Search engine evaluates your website based on different aspects, for example, keyword distribution, text length, links, or even age. Even if you’re satisfied with your website at the moment, it might be worth checking it with some monitor program, for example, Rankitor. Maybe you don’t rank as high as you could? With the knowledge you now have, you can for sure improve your content so that you can be sure that your webpage will be at the very top.

Mobile Optimization

Ever since smartphones were launched, they quickly became extremely popular. Right now, we couldn’t imagine our lives without them. Oftentimes, users have free Internet. It means that they can check out what’s up online using their phones. Google perfectly realizes it and does everything to improve the mobile phone user’s experience. So, if you’re trying to rank up a website, make sure that it’s working flawlessly on the phone. This method is simple, and bring surprisingly good results!

Local Matters

You might have noticed that many smaller businesses started using the local SEO strategy. It’s happening because people who are looking for restaurants or forms of entertainment are looking for places that are close to their homes. Almost 90% of potential customers use “near me” in their requests. Do you know how to improve your local ranks? No? Then take a look at this infographic, provided by Rankitor:

local seo for small businesses