The earliest recorded history displays the use of predatory ants to control pests on citrus orchards in China. Though it was a historic hack to deal with it and today when a pest like cockroaches, bedbugs, or termites can raid your house, you can try an easy-to-use electronic pest repellent from There have been pests identified in all the 50 states of the US as per the NPMA 2011 report. Furthermore, pests are more than a visual disgusting irritation but they are a carrier of human disease-causing pathogens like Salmonella, Typhoid, Asthma, Hepatitis and the list goes on.

These cockroaches, rats, and termites in your house are not only damaging your property but also your health by spreading infections. As per the American housing survey report of 2019 over 14 million housing units have reported sighting a cockroach or rodent in the year 2018. Looking at the threats from these creatures you might be thinking of pest controller services to get rid of them as soon as possible. But, before that, you can try a few hacks in your capacity to make your house a clean and healthy place.

1. Seal the gaps

The most common entry points for these pests are through the tiniest openings in your space that are out of your view. Identify the gaps, firstly the larger ones, and seal such areas with POP immediately to stop the entrance of rodents and vast insects. After that do a thorough inspection of the foundation, joints, cracks in walls and basements, including gaps of door windows. Seal these gaps from an expanding foam or silicone to effectively close the routes of the pests.

2. Put nets on windows

Mosquitoes are flying organisms and hence can cover a large area in a small matter of time in addition to biting and sucking your blood. Fixing a net to your window will prevent flying pests like flies, roaches, and mosquitoes from entering your home. This method is easy to install by simply sticking a Velcro tape and holding your nets onto it on the window frames.

3. Regular cleaning

Pests are fond of dirt and their population blossoms in such an environment. Two of the most important areas where you need to be alert to stop flourishing pests are your kitchen and washroom. Both areas provide the required dampness and humidity for expansion. Therefore, consider a deep cleaning of both the areas once a week, especially near the sinks in the kitchen, washbasins, and water outlet in the washroom.

4. Keep your surroundings intact

Dispose of your garbage regularly and clean your garbage bin twice a month besides keeping an eye on your garden. Check if there’s any such opening or article where water can amass other than pruning your plants consistently. Keep your surroundings neat and effectively dispose of any rotting objects or containers to avoid providing a ground for pests to grow.

Be prepared

Essentially, a typical household can be home to a pest’s entire community without you being aware. Until the time you will spot activity on your floor and follow them to your old newspaper piles to find there has been a pest infestation in your house, it might be late. It is better to follow the prevention earlier rather than looking for a cure later.