For beginners who are just starting to put on makeup like MEMEBOX, it may take some time in getting used to the different products and jargon associated with beauty. If you are not sure where to start, learn the basics like how to properly apply powder, eyebrow, and lips. Once you master them, slowly ease your way into specific steps like contouring and highlighting.

Here are some easy and fast tricks that every girl should know:


Conceal dark and puffy eyes by creating an inverted triangle

When applying concealer underneath your eyes, draw an inverted triangle with the base directly underneath your lash line and the point moving towards the bottom of your cheek. Blend well with a special brush. This shape helps conceal any redness and puffiness you may have while also giving your face an instant lift.

Use a pencil, brush handle, or a pen as a guide

When applying bronzer use a pencil and gentle roll it underneath your cheekbone (which is in the pocket directly underneath the actual bone to find the right angle of your face. Once you find the right placement, dust some bronzer and blend well with a contouring brush.

Lipstick as cheek tint

Use your favorite pink lipstick as a blush or a cheek tint. Simply dab your finger on the product and blend it against the apple of your cheeks for a subtle tint.


Lift your eyes

Use highlighter to draw an arch directly above your eyebrow and blend with your finger. This gives the illusion that your entire eye area has been lifted.

Use white eyeliner as eyeshadow base

If you don’t have primer, use white eyeliner as the base of your eyeshadow. Simply run the product all over your eyelid before applying your favorite eyeshadow. This allows the colors of your eyeshadow pallete to pop out vibrantly.

Quick smokey eye

For a fast smokey eye look before heading out, use an eyeliner pencil to draw a slanted hashtag symbol on the corner of each eye. Blend with your fingertips for an instant smokey effect.

Instant cat-eye

For a quick cat-eye look, start at the corner of your eye and draw the outline of your cat-eye first. Fill in the open space with your eyeliner and let it dry.

Winged eyeliner

For a curved winged effect, hold a stem of a spoon against the outer corner of your eye. Draw a straight line, then flip the spoon over. Use the rounded curve as a guideline for the wings outline. Fill in the open space with your eyeliner and wait for it to dry.

Heat your eyelash curler

Use a blow dryer to heat your eyelash curler before use for instant curls. Let it cool so it’s warm but not too hot. Use tool starting from the base towards the ends of the eyelash. Coat with mascara for a full effect.

Quick eyelash glue

Avoid excess gluing by using the tip of a clean bobby pin to apply eyelash glue to your false lashes. After gluing, use a pair of tweezers to pinch the lashes and tuck it on your eyelid. Press it gently to let it dry.


To avoid clumpy mascara, use the same spoon and hold it against your eyelid. Apply mascara like you normally would. The spoon will catch the excess residue which helps prevent makeup smudging. For fuller lashes, dust on some translucent powder between mascara coats to make your eyes stand out.

Fix clumpy mascara

Mascara should be replaced every 3-4 months but for an instant fix, simply add a few eye drops into the tube then rub the wand around inside. Avoid pumping your mascara to avoid letting air into the product.

Recycle mascara wands

Wash and dry your old mascara wands and use them as eyebrow brushes for future use.


Quick lip gloss

Mix eyeshadow with petroleum jelly for tinted lip gloss. Apply evenly on your lips for a quick glossy effect.

Make color last longer

Apply your favorite shade of lipstick. Place a thin sheet of tissue over your lips. Dust translucent powder over your mouth to let the color set.

When it comes to applying makeup, most of us simply do not have time to perfect the winged eyeliner or achieve the perfect contour. Thankfully, there are a few simple makeup hacks that can help you apply your makeup faster than ever. Remember, applying makeup should be fun and shouldn’t have to be a chore to many. Experiment with different shades as well and find out which works best for you!