There is nothing that speaks style and elegance in a home more than the hardwood floors. They add a touch of the class inside a home. But this touch of class has its one downside; water and wood don’t mix well. When wood comes into contact with water, it is recommended to clean and dry it immediately.

What To Do When Water Damage On Your Hardwood Floor?

Step 1

Remove all floor coverings to enable the floor to dry better. When the rugs or other furniture is also wet on top of the wood floor, it makes drying more difficult.

Step 2

Vacuum/dry/drain all excess standing water that is visible. This can be done with the help of a mop, water pump or a dry/wet vacuum. If the water is too much for a rug, it is advisable first to use a water pump then shop vac the floor.

Step 3

Clean the surface of the floor to avoid any instances of mold build up and also if its flood water it may come with some mud and silt with it. It is best advised to use detergent that doesn’t foam when cleaning. After cleaning all the edges of the floor, use a vacuum to remove any water or detergent left after the cleaning process.

Step 4

Use a dehumidifier to remove any moisture that may have gotten into the hardwood floor. The best one for this process is a commercial humidifier in case of severe water damage. This can be rented from stores that sell them at a cheaper cost. The dehumidifier can be aided by having fans at full blast facing the floor.

Step 5

Once the floor is visibly dry, it is essential to check for any mold or mildew. If you see or smell any signs, it is advisable to thoroughly scrub the floor with a mixture of water and baking soda. If you are unable to tell if there is mold it is advisable you call a mold specialist who will aid in the process.

Step 6

Test the moisture content using a moisture meter to ensure that all the water is gone. Test all corners and every square inch of the floor if possible to be safe since some areas can have more moisture than others.

Cleaning the hardwood floor after water damage can be tedious and take time but with the help of water and flood damage cleanup crew is recommended since they are experts in the field, and they will do the job as it should be plus they come with their equipment which saves you the cost of renting and buying.