Today we will be looking at things that will give us sweet dreams – namely foam mattresses, essential oils and platform bed designs.

Memory foam mattresses

Has anyone wanted to buy a memory foam mattress but can’t get it in the retail stores? Are you getting worried about the balance between comfort and support? This will ease you to get the right mattress. Our company is driven to give people the best rest.

The Nectar mattress will have specifics on pressure relief and cooling features, and it has a great value.

You will like this brand if you:

  • Love memory foam – If you love the way you melt into the bed and have a cradling hug, this mattress has classic features. It is also breathable and reduces heat.
  • Need pressure relief – Nectar gives the whole body pressure relief, including the shoulders and hips. It reduces pressure and works wonders for people that side sleepers.
  • Looking for great value – There are high-quality materials in the bed that is at a budget price. There is also a full year trial period to ensure you get optimum sleep and peace of mind with the purchase.

The mattress is compatible with platforms and other types of bases. If you choose, you can buy a foundation on the Nectar brand right through the company’s site.

The cover is made from cotton and Tencel that is an eco-friendly fabric that promotes better airflow and temperature regulation. It is fully removable, so if you need to clean a stain, it is rather easy to be cleaned.

Back sleepers will be able to receive maximum contouring in the lumbar area as the high-density base foam will support their spine in the right manner.

Side sleepers will get pressure relief from lying on this mattress. The weight distributed from a smaller surface area will be relieved in the bed.

Essential Oils That Aid People To Sleep

So what are the essential oils that help baby sleep?

Taking care of babies is no easy chore. If changing their diapers and feeding them are not enough, they make it a point to cry and at the loudest, all the time. When you are thinking of getting rest, they give you a good look that says, “Nah, you can’t rest yet.” Therefore if the baby can’t sleep, neither can the mum. Lack of sleep affects the emotional well being.

Instead of consuming sleeping pills, getting essential oils are a better alternative for getting a good rest. Essential oils have been long known for their sedative powers and ability to induce peaceful sleep with fewer side effects. Essential oils reduce the stress that prevents the baby from sleeping.

Oils that promote baby’s sleep:

Lavender oil

This oil has an alluring aroma that your baby will find it hard to resist. It also balances the body system and calms anxiety in the baby. It can also be used with a diffuser that helps to soothe their skin too.

Apply lavender oil to help the baby to sleep. Rub 1 or 2 drops of oil on their wrist or feet. Adding lavender oil with one cup of Epsom salt in the bathwater and soak the baby in it for half an hour will calm his body.

Roman Chamomile Oil

This will prevent child insomnia and nightmares as well. It is a sedative agent that will promote great sleep.

Bergamot Oil

It can aid your child to sleep peacefully. It is calming and can be mixed with other essential oils for more efficiency.

Marjoram oil

This oil can soothe a restless baby and give the baby sound asleep.

Make sure the essential oils are diluted with carrier oils before using on the baby. Find the fat that is best suitable for your child, and you will soon find a change in his sleeping patterns.

Best Platform Designs

Many platform bed designs have been selected for our readers that have always been created for new readers to enhance the bedroom looks. What is a platform bed, anyway?

Such a bed is not the usual type of foundation made out of metal. A box spring isn’t used in a platform bed. So, what is new here? Platform beds come with a mattress that will have a sunken mattress into a wooden platform.

A modern platform bed can prove to be a bedroom’s owner visual delight, and it allows people to play around colour schemes and decorative elements. Many bedroom ideas will accentuate the decor of the bedroom.

A modern platform bed will look trendy, and it comes along with storage that can help keep the clutter of makeup and household stuff away.

A floating platform bed occupies less space, and it doesn’t have a headboard or a footboard. It feels like sleeping on the air, and it is fun to have in the bedroom.

A DIY platform bed can save space, and it is somewhat functional, which solves all types of storage problems. It is elaborately designed, and there is a vast choice in getting the right design for your bedroom.