A dog is man’s best friend. There isn’t a more universal truth than this. However, everything shouldn’t always be about humans. Just as you need a good friend to help you, your furry friend may also need you to help him/her out too.

Behavioral Issues to be found in dogs

It doesn’t matter where and when you’ve bought your dog or adopted him/her the important thing is to make sure you address any behavioral issues in your dog head-on.

There are, of course, several ways that dogs may behave that are perceived as bad behavior.

Some of the most common ways are:

Digging: Dogs do love to dig. However, it is unsafe for him/her to do so. Also, it’s pointless to scold your dog after the deed has been done.

Chewing: Dogs explore the world with their mouths. It may be something that calms them, but it’s still unsafe for him/her as it can cause choking or clogged intestines in dogs.

Begging: A dog will never beg if it’s not given scraps from the table. Begging can turn into a nasty habit if not stopped from the beginning.

Not coming when called: Your dog must respond to you when you call it. This is beneficial for you both as it may prevent accidents.

Leash Pulling: It is often dangerous, for dogs as well as humans when there is too much leash pulling involved. Hence, teaching your dog to walk calmly beside you is essential.

Separation Anxiety: This is a common phenomenon faced by the owners of most pets.

Whining: Most pets whine to get attention. It’s a pretty annoying habit, especially in public places.

Biting: This habit in your dog implies that it hasn’t been around people much. Most domesticated dogs only bite when feeling threatened or very nervous.

Counter-surfing: It is a nasty habit that will stay unless preventive measures are taken to put an end to it.

Aggression: Dogs don’t show aggression unless they are truly afraid or nervous. Under such circumstances, it is imperative to get proper training for your dog.

Barking all the time: A dog may rarely bark all the time. But, such odd behavior is known to happen. It is quite easily remedied too.

Given the fact that quite a few habits are considered bad behavior, it is important to train your dog to make sure that it makes life easy and fun for both of you.

But, it at this very conjuncture that you need to step up and provide a means to assist your loyal companion. You need to find a way to resolve the behavioral issues it is facing.

What it is that you can do to help?

You can invest in dog training. The concept behind dog training is that a group of experts aim to address the issues faced by your dog, rather than teaching it to obey your commands.

By doing so, you get a calm and balanced companion who makes your life truly enjoyable. It is a possibility to work on any behavioral issues that your dog may have had, and create a state-of-mind shift, that translates into core behavioral resolution.

How does dog training work its wonders?

The training philosophy at Flash dog training is that they acknowledge good behavior, and build up the change with positive reinforcements. However, there is an emphasis laid upon the correction of bad/dangerous behavior too.

It doesn’t matter if your dog has had behavioral issues for many years, or even if they’ve bitten a person, all is not lost. There is hope as dog training experts specialize in aggression, counter-surfing, resource-guarding, and even leash-pulling.

Bad habits such as whining, digging, chewing, separation anxiety are non-issues for these dog training experts. They guarantee that when your dog leaves their program, you will see the results. And, your happy dog will feel the positive effects of dog training.

What services do they offer?

Flash dog training provides customized training packages to fulfill all the training goals for your dog. The dog behavior experts can help your dog overcome the typical nuisance behavior such as jumping up, constant barking, and door bolting.

There are weekly-based programs that deal with obedience training, and even provide boarding for your dog.

Then, comes in the more complex training programs that involve off-leash recall or resolving leash reactivity.

At Flash dog training, the attempt is to see what your dog needs to learn, rather than teaching it to obey commands on cue. The dog training experts look into the behavior of the dog to decide how much time and training does the dog need.

Moreover, dog training techniques from positive reinforcement to clicker training or crate training are all employed to bring about a change in the behavior as well as the well-being of your dog.

Speaking of dog training techniques, there are phrases involved in training that are explained below:

Basic terminology used in dog training

A reliable recall is when you call your dog and know it for a fact that your dog will respond to your call. Leash recall, as the name suggests is when your dog responds to your call, even with the leash on.

Leash reactivity is a catchphrase used to describe all kinds of behavior ranging from fear to aggression when a leash is put on a dog.

Clicker training is a form of positive reinforcement, where the clicker communicates the exact moment your dog does what you want. The click must be followed immediately with a reward.

Crate training is the process of teaching a pet to accept a crate or cage as a safe location.

In conclusion, flash dog training is a comprehensive training program for your pets. It’s all about evaluating your dog’s behavior and then resolving any issues that may have been witnessed. All of which is done by a team of experts, who believe in nurturing rather than torturing their students.