The ASPCA reports that Americans own 78 million dogs, and about 44% of households include dogs. When owners adopt or buy pets, they typically expect to have all the time needed to exercise and play with them. However, circumstances can change, and busy pet parents may be forced to leave their pups home alone for long stretches. Pet daycare centers provide answers for many of them. Doggie daycare puts owners’ minds at rest and provides their pets with a wide range of benefits.

1. Pets Make New Friends

Pet parents who want to improve their animals’ socialization can search online for dog boarding near me to locate daycare facilities that will help. Once dogs begin to attend daycare, they meet other pups. That improves their overall happiness because canines are pack animals and do best when they can interact with other dogs.

2. Animals Get Needed Exercise

It can be hard to ensure animals get the exercise they need to be healthy, and the task is nearly impossible for parents who work long hours. That can become a serious problem because the pups’ energy may get channeled into destructive habits, constant barking, and health problems. Daycare centers ensure that animals stay active so they are happy and ready to rest when they get home.

3. Guests Stay in Comfortable Quarters

When doggie guests are not playing or eating, they can lie down in comfortable, well-ventilated areas created just for their needs. Exercise spaces are so large that every pup can play and have room to relax even when the weather is bad.

4. Pets Can Learn While They Play

Many daycare centers offer training. Owners can arrange to have pets expertly trained in a positive environment that’s filled with other dog friends.

5. Pups Enjoy Mental Stimulation

AKC professionals say that doggie daycare provides dogs with mental stimulation. Bored animals can become depressed and act out by chewing and biting. They might also become withdrawn and sad. In daycare, they get a chance to play with their favorite friends, stay busy, and create social bonds.

6. Caregivers Offer Lots of TLC

Doggie daycare centers are staffed by pet lovers who enjoy lavishing attention on their charges. They are happy to act as stand-ins for parents who cannot play with their pets as much as they’d like. Caregivers cuddle dogs and give them extra attention if they are not socializing. Attendants help pups learn to interact with other pet guests.

7. Pets Are Safe In Daycare

According to professional in this industry, daycare centers are a safer option than leaving pets at home. Bored pets might chew through electrical wires, get into toxic garbage, or break things. Daycare attendants watch dogs closely to make sure they are safe at all times.

8. Guests Get Human Contact

Dogs consider their humans to be pack members and enjoy interacting with them. If owners leave pups alone without human contact, they miss their family members. Daycare attendants provide that contact by scratching behind pups’ ears, petting them, and providing treats.

9. Daycare Offers a Welcome Routine

Since dogs are creatures of habit, the daily routine of a daycare center makes them feel secure and happy. They look forward to exercising, playtime, and interacting with other pups. It is worth noting that not all dogs are content going to daycare every day. Some do best when they attend a few times a week, which still creates a routine.

10. Centers Provide a Range of Services

A full-service doggie daycare also provides grooming, training, and long-term boarding services.

Doggie daycare centers offer solutions for pet owners who are too busy to give their pets all the attention they need. Pets in daycare get healthy exercise, human contact, affection, socialization, and mental stimulation. Pet parents have peace of mind knowing their dogs are safe, comfortable, and meeting new friends.