Throwing a birthday party for your child should be an exciting, happy day for everyone, but as a parent you know it involves lots of planning and set up to make the day go perfectly. It’s a bit of a paradox – if you want your kid and their friends to have a great time, you need to put in a ton of work up front. Those plans can become overwhelming sometimes.

A child’s birthday is a big deal for everyone in the family, and there’s a lot of pressure for the party to be perfect. As much as you love your son or daughter, sometimes you can’t plan a big outing where you rent out a theme restaurant or bring a bouncy house to your cul de sac. That doesn’t mean you can’t throw an amazing, well-planned party that keeps your child and all of their friends entertained.

You’re going to host an Escape Party.

Plan Ahead

The easiest way to set up and host an escape party is to download a ready-to-play kit. Even if you don’t have time to put any more work into it, a ready-to-play kit will help you entertain all the kids at the party.

Have you ever noticed how much time kids spend playing video games? It’s because they love three things: solving puzzles, escaping imaginary dangers, and showing off for their friends. Escape rooms tick all those boxes, and they get kids up and moving. Plus more than one or two of them can be involved at once, which probably isn’t true of any video games you have in the house unless you have an awful lot of controllers. If you have an extra large group and the space to make it work, you can split kids up into teams and make multiple instances of the same escape room to make sure nobody is ever standing around out of the action.

Choose Your Kit

Do you have a gang of pre-teens coming to your house. The Lost Mummy escape kit is a great starting point for you.

Teenagers still love solving puzzles, being scared in a safe environment, and showing off, they’re just better at hiding it than they used to be. You just need to find a kit more suited to their age range. In that case, you can try Rebel Revolt party kit. And remember, you can always customize it to fit your needs.

Customize Your Experience

If you can put a little time into customization, you can make the experience even better.

You can use the ready-to-play kit, but you can also customize it to fit your audience. What kind of imaginative activities does your child enjoy? Pirates, wizards, princesses, dragons, aliens – you can customize the experience with anything you like. Add some themed music to enhance the experience. Remember, unless you’re selling tickets to the party for some reason, you’re free to play any music you like in your own home without worrying about copyright, so use the soundtrack to the birthday boy or girl’s favorite movie to set the mood.

Fit Your Budget

Design an Escape Room for your kids to solve and create an awesome experience without breaking the budget. You can print your entire escape room game kit for the cost of just a few birthday party goody bags. Plus you can use the items you planned to put in those goody bags as part of the game, so you can get double (or more!) the bang for your buck.

Clean It All Up

The beauty of a birthday themed escape room is you can build your puzzles into wrapping paper and decorations – things that just take care of themselves at the end of the day.

Kids birthday parties usually involve lots of food you can customize. They love pizza and cupcakes, which are perfect foods to use for hints and clues for your escape room puzzles. Decorate a cupcake with a puzzle piece. Arrange the pepperoni on the pizza in the shape of an arrow to point the way to the next clue. Also keep in mind that if your kids are eating candy and drinking soda all day, an escape room is a great way to focus all the energy that comes with all that sugar.

Send Everyone Home Happy

Escape rooms are incredibly fun, and they do a great job of keeping kids engaged and focused through the entire time you’ve set aside for the party. Add in some time before and after for hanging out and opening gifts and you’ve filled the day and given all the kids a great experience. If you’ve used toys or candy in your puzzles, let your guests take home their self-made goody bags and wait for their parents to call you to ask for advice hosting their own escape party.