Decorating a child’s bedroom can be difficult, especially if he or she is indecisive about the theme. You need to create a long-lasting theme to avoid changing it every few years. Using skateboards, cool toy cars, and nautical elements are some of the timeless kid’s room decoration ideas. Here are the best DIY decoration ideas for children’s rooms:

Go Nautical

A coastal bedroom is quite refreshing and is not likely to go out of style soon. If you have a family beach house, this would be the ideal theme. You can find the right accessories at your local home décor and thrift stores.

However, you should consult your little one before you decide on this theme. If your son has dreams of becoming a pirate, a nautical theme would be the best choice.

Skateboards Artwork

Is your little one obsessed with skateboards? You should incorporate his favorite hobby into his bedroom’s décor. To add some pattern and dimension to his room, you can place a row of skateboards above the headboard for a cool look.

If you prefer, you can also create a skateboard clock using four different boards, labeled 12, 3, 6, and 9 to represent hours.

Cool Cars

Does your little one love cars? You should frame posters of sports cars and hang them in different areas of the bedroom such as above the headboard. Because your son might lose interest in cars after a while, you should keep the bedding and walls neutral to avoid redoing the whole room when that happens. When the time to change bedroom themes comes, you can easily change the wall art.

Beautiful Butterflies

You should not be afraid to mix and match different patterns when decorating your kid’s bedroom. If your child has colorful beddings, you can opt for a colorful accent wall then add a beautiful butterfly print wallpaper. When it comes to choosing a color palette, you should choose one and stick to it.

However, you should avoid using too many prints to keep the room simple. For instance, the butterfly theme idea above works because of the single accent wall. However, if all the bedroom walls were covered with butterfly wallpaper, the space would look too visually busy and confusing. For this reason, it would be a good idea to keep the busy patterns and prints at a minimum.

Watermelon Theme

Does your little girl love the color hot pink? You can buy pink beddings and accessories and incorporate softer shades like mint green to minimize the brightness. Search for watermelon pillows and art pieces to decorate the room properly.

For instance, you can invest in some watermelon decals if you want to embellish a plain-colored wall. However, you should desist from painting the entire room pink, as it will be harder to change when your child outgrows the theme.

Turquoise and Coral

Are you selecting a nursery theme for your unborn child? You should opt for a classic and chic color palette that is likely to grow with your little one. Turquoise and coral can be paired with glimmering gold accents to decorate a little girl’s room. You can also incorporate some monogrammed wall art that your baby will love as she grows up.

Pet Portraits

Does your little one love animals? You should consider adding pet portraits to his or her room. Find amazing deals such as Instapainting deals from companies that specialize in pet portraits.

Little Ballerina

Your little girl deserves to get a room that shows how special she is to you. If she loves ballet, you can decorate her room to look like a ballet lover’s paradise. For instance, you can opt for custom wall art and include a place to hang ballet outfits. Consider having a monochromatic scheme and using subtle colors to make it easier for your baby girl to change the theme as she ages.

Drawings as Wall Art

Instead of purchasing expensive wall art that your child might not like, you should frame his or her drawings for display. You just have to buy several frames in different sizes to create an exceptional gallery that your child will enjoy showing off to his or her friends. If you do not want to use picture frames, you can visit your local printing shop and turn the drawings into beautiful canvases.

Reading Corner

Does your child show an interest in books? You should consider making up a comfortable spot where she or he can read. A reading corner would be ideal for a growing young mind. You can add some plush pillows and stuffed animals to make the reading nook more interesting.


Whether you choose the little ballerina, nautical, cool cars, or skateboard theme, you need to involve the older kids, as they will want to be involved.