Streaming is the way to watch TV shows and films these days. While traditional TV and cinema will always have a market, there’s no denying that streaming is the preferred option for many. What people appreciate is that it lets you watch in your own time. So long as your device has a steady internet connection, you’re able to watch as much or as little as you wish whenever you want and play free slots for fun. For many years, Netflix has been the undisputed king of online streaming services – right now, it has around 150 million paid subscriptions around the world. Its ongoing success has paved the way for many other similar services to launch, including Disney+, which is predicted to become a serious contender. 

Disney+ UK Launch

Disney+ has been given an official UK launch date of 24 March. On this day, it will also be launching in seven other European countries, including France, Italy and Spain. This date is one week earlier than the originally announced date of 31 March, so Disney fans will have to wait even less time before they can stream their favourite shows and films.

As you may well be aware, the service has actually already launched in several countries. Back in November, it was first rolled out to Canada, the Netherlands and the US on the twelfth, before hitting Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico on the nineteenth. Many fans have expressed frustration that they’ve had to wait months for the service to become available in the UK, especially since it comes with lots of exclusive content. However, when the service initially launched it did experience quite a few technical hitches, so perhaps the wait is a good thing. Hopefully, on 24 March, the service will be rolled out smoothly, and everyone can start watching without any hiccups of any kind.

Disney+ UK Pricing

It’s recently been announced that there will be two pricing options available for Disney+. You can pay a flat monthly rate of £5.99, or you can go for the annual subscription, which costs £59.99 – this works out at a cheaper monthly rate of around £4.99. The monthly rate of £5.99 is the same price as UK residents pay for Netflix’s cheapest option, which lets you stream on one device at a time in standard definition. It’s expected that a lot of content available through Disney+ will be presented in 4K, something Netflix only offers with its more expensive payment options.

A £5.99 subscription gets you one account – you’re able to create up to seven profiles for this account, and no more than four people can use the account at any one time. You’re able to download content for offline viewing and can do so an unlimited number of times.

Disney+ Content

Disney owns the rights to a huge range of films, TV shows and documentaries and other types of content. As well as the company’s own productions, it has the rights to films produced in collaboration with Pixar, along with content from Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. The service is said to offer thousands of TV show episodes and hundreds of films. As well as previously released titles, there will be some exclusive content that’s only available on the service – the hugely popular Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian and the live-action version of The Lady and the Tramp are two good examples. It’s expected that UK residents will have access to thousands of episodes of TV shows and hundreds of films. However, not everything that’s available in other countries may be available in the UK straight away due to various licensing agreements.

Will Disney+ Be Successful in the UK?

As of 3 February, Disney+ has 28.6 million subscribers. It’s been a huge success in the countries it’s launched in so far and is bound to attract millions of new subscribers when it launches in the UK. Disney content continues to be extremely popular in the UK, so it will be a great surprise if the streaming service isn’t successful.

What Devices Will Disney+ Be Compatible with?

The streaming service can be accessed through every modern web browser and is compatible with all streaming boxes, as well as the vast majority of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, om which you play free slot games at If your device supports a streaming service, it’s very likely going to support Disney+ as well. Smartphone users will no doubt appreciate the service’s mobile compatibility. You can already do so much on your phone, from playing immersive casino games and taking high-quality photos, to creating rich video content and surfing the web to your heart’s content – soon you’ll be able to get your Disney fix while on the go!

How Will This Affect Netflix?

It’s been estimated that in the month following the launch of Disney+ in the US, Netflix lost over a million subscribers. Most people can’t afford to pay for every streaming service, so they have to be selective. Many tried Disney+ out, enjoyed using the service, and have decided to subscribe to it in favour of Netflix. In the UK, Netflix will likely lose some subscribers, though the number of lost subscribers will more than likely be in the hundreds of thousands, not the millions.

Where Does Streaming Go from Here?

Streaming is here to stay, and it’s going to become even more commonplace in the near future. With the arrival of Disney+, UK residents will have even more streaming services to choose from. The future of these services is set to be exciting for the consumer, but very competitive for the companies operating them. The market is already quite crowded, with Amazon Prime Video, NOW TV, BritBox and Apple TV+ some of the more prominent services available in the UK right now. Disney+ will no doubt increase the overall number of streaming subscriptions in the UK and will also encourage people to cancel subscriptions they have to competitor services.

Will Disney+ Overtake Netflix?

There’s every chance that Disney+ will one day have more subscribers around the world than Netflix. What the company has to its advantage is the fact that it’s one of the world’s biggest mass media and entertainment companies and has an extensive history going back many decades. It’s a hugely popular and recognisable family-friendly brand with a wide appeal. If Netflix can attract 150 million subscribers, Disney+ definitely can.