When most people think about the dirtiest places in the house, they usually name the obvious things, such as garbage cans, floors and toilets. However, there are a number of areas in your home that are often neglected yet can be the dirtiest of all.

According to home cleaners in Fort Worth, there are areas that you need to pay attention to in your regular cleaning routine. Here are eight of the dirtiest areas in the house and how to get them clean.

Handrails, doorknobs, and cabinet handles

Wipe regularly all interior and exterior door handles using a disinfecting wipe. Cabinet handles and handrails should also be cleaned thoroughly. Do this more often during the cold and flu season.

Rugs and floors

You’ve probably come home after work or from walking your pet, and you likely don’t think about what you’re bringing inside on your shoes. Toxic fertilizers on your lawn, fecal matter and other hazardous chemicals can easily accumulate on your floors and get deep in your rugs. Have a machine-washable throw rug in front of each exterior door, so that you can periodically wash away the grime that people bring into your house.

Freezer and refrigerator

You may have been looking closely at your produce or deli drawer. You may have also been looking at what lurks beneath the freezer ice packs and those ice cream gallons. Crumbs, spills, food leftovers and even hair can get into the nooks and crannies of your fridge and freezer.

Take everything out of your refrigerator once a month, and scrub it with warm water and vinegar solution. Utilize an empty laundry basket to store freezer or fridge items while you are washing, especially if you have limited space on your kitchen counters.

Silverware tray

That metal or plastic tray holding your silverware also becomes host to a lot of crumbs and dirt in general. Don’t believe us? Just take a look! Soak the tray in warm water, or place it in the dishwasher with a squirt of dishwashing soap.

Kitchen sink

You may need to consider disinfecting the sink completely. Your kitchen sink is a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

Spray the sink with a vinegar and water solution daily, and use a scrub brush to give it a fast scrub. Don’t forget about disinfecting these cleaning implements as well – you should run the brush through the dishwasher and replace sponges regularly.

Stove range hood

Were you able to check your stove range hood recently? It is an oil trap coated with dust. Many households have some kind of hood or exhaust fan over their stoves, but many residents do not actually clean them regularly. They should be cleaned, especially the filters that suck up oil, smoke, and other forms of grime and dirt. Some versions have disposable filters, which you can then run through your dishwasher or place in soapy, hot water before air-drying it.


Because of high humidity, water, grime, detergent residue and bacteria accumulating there, the bathtub is a hot spot for bacteria and fungus. Mold and residue may also form around bottles of shampoos and body washes if left on the edge of the bathtub.

For this one, you’re going to need to get out bleach spray and rubber gloves. You can utilize an melamine sponge as well, but first examine the surfaces of your tub to make sure it is safe to do so.

Bathroom sink items

You’re probably aware that dirty hands may contaminate sink handles, but what about the other things on your bathroom counter? Your toothbrush and container may house bacteria and other pathogens, and the same goes with your soap dispenser pump top.

Disinfect the soap and sink pump periodically with an antiseptic wipe, or a paper towel dampened with a small amount of vinegar. Run the toothbrush holder through the dishwasher. If the holder cannot be washed (or is mounted onto the wall), clean it with warm water and vinegar.

If your home has a lot of sneaky areas that you regard as some of the dirtiest places, it’s probably time to hire a professional cleaning service to do a thorough cleaning job. Using the tips above, you can guarantee that every nook and cranny of your home will be spotless.