Is your business really equipped to support your remote teams? It’s true that more employees are working from home than ever before, but there’s more to remote working than simply supplying your employees with a laptop at a headset. Without strong remote working policies and the right software in place, your home workers are left to flounder and battle on, unsupported, overwhelmed and struggling to hit those targets.

If you’re a business director or manager who has taken the decision to allow flexible working conditions and promote the idea of working from home, then advanced cloud-based storage and connectivity solutions are essential in keeping your teams cohesive and for maintaining those high levels of output.

However, before you invest in the most basic and simplistic form of cloud-based solutions, you should consider other options. This software which provides Digital Asset Management has the potential to revolutionize your remote working teams and keep your business progress flowing, despite those empty desks in your traditional office.

Here we’ll explore why your remote teams need Digital Asset Management software.

Remote access is simple

If you’re still relying on in-house servers and old hard drives, then it’s not just your remote workers who are going to struggle to get anything done. If a remote worker requires a file, they’re going to need to ask other employees to search for, download and send them the file across. This is incredibly time consuming and causes all kinds of issues to bottleneck and slow your entire workflow system to stall. A DAM system gives access to all your remote workers, giving them the independence to find the files they need, quickly. No matter what the size of the file is, your remote workers can obtain the files they need without hesitation.

DAM means collaboration

One of the biggest challenges facing remote workers is the ability to collaborate with other teams and maintain a strong channel of communication. DAM software ensures that all content is easy to access and even those who are working on shared projects in different locations can ensure they’re all on the same page. Whether it’s editing, approving content, a quick change or attaching files and updating versions, DAM software creates a seamless line of collaboration that adds value to your projects and reduces the likelihood of mistakes.


It’s not always easy to monitor the efficiency and productivity of your remote workers, however, when you have the right software in place, you know that you’re providing your home workers with all the tools they need to perform their roles and to help your business thrive. Providing your remote workers with access to all the files they need, in a fully centralized and easy to manage library of digital assets means that work will be completed quickly and correctly.

Final thoughts

Digital Asset Management software is essential for anyone who is working with remote teams. Reach out to for the latest DAM software options and to streamline your working practices.