The daily commute is a great cause of stress for many people, but this does not have to be the case. Mixing up your commute and trying a different form of transport could help to keep things fresh, make the journey faster, less stressful and potentially even cheaper too. Here are a few of the main types to consider.


The train can be a good option because you can sit back and relax and spend the time productively, such as checking your emails or looking over your notes. It can be stressful in busy areas and it can also be expensive but those on longer journeys may benefit from getting a seat and being able to relax on their way to work. You can also book online ahead of time to save hassle and potentially make savings. Train travel can also help you beat the slow-moving traffic when travelling intercity such as London Bridge to East Croydon, nobody enjoys rush hour in a car.


Many people drive into work each day because it puts you in control of your own journey and it also allows you to go from door-to-door. This can be stressful during rush hour but if you work in a quiet area or you are able to avoid the busy times then this can be a fast, easy and cost-effective way to get into work each day.


Cycling is a great option because it is free, it is a great form of exercise, it is environmentally-friendly and you are likely to find that it is quicker than other forms of transport. There are drawbacks, though, in that it can be tiring and stressful and also not a practical option if you have a long journey each day.


Similar to driving, a motorbike can be a good choice because you can go door-to-door and you may find that it is quicker than other forms. Again, you have the rush hour concerns and it is not an ideal option when the conditions are poor.


Many people are put off by the idea of getting the bus but this can actually be an excellent way to get into work. This is because it allows you to sit back and relax if you can get a seat, it can be more affordable than other forms of transportation and it is more environmentally-friendly than driving yourself. The drawbacks are that the buses can be unreliable and you may struggle to get a seat.

These are your main options when it comes to the daily commute. It is certainly worth mixing up your journey from time to time because this will keep things fresh and you might find that there is an easier, cheaper and/or more affordable way to get into work which could make a huge difference to both your personal and professional life.