There’s no denying that life is overwhelming, with family responsibilities, dealing with work and your job, education, and everything else.

If you’re feeling so tense that you’re about to snap, it’s time to take a break from your everyday routine and go on some relaxing vacations.

Take the time to do something that will help you regain your mental health and inner peace. Getting out of your routine and shaking up your life, whether it’s a weekend away or a gap year after college, can be beneficial to your confidence and overall mental health.

Even though your problems will always be there when you return, getting away from them will help you bring things into perspective and organize your thoughts a little better.

Booking a spa weekend while on a relaxing vacation allows you to get away from it all.

1. Nassau, Bahamas

Though downtown Nassau (on New Providence Island) isn’t exactly the Caribbean getaway most visitors envision, it is the Bahamas’ capital. There are enough things to do in Nassau for a day’s entertainment, from souvenir markets like the Straw Market to Fort Fincastle and the Queen’s Steps. Getting there is as simple as searching for relaxing cruises from Miami.

Local bars and nightclubs can also be found in Nassau. If you’re staying on New Providence Island, however, you can take advantage of the island’s more opulent side. Baha Mar, an exclusive development on the island’s central north coast, epitomizes this. A stunning gated community overlooking amazing Cable Beach houses some of the world’s most well-known luxury resort brands. The Baha Mar resorts also feature excellent boutiques and stores, as well as the opportunity to gamble like a high-roller at the Caribbean’s largest casino.

2. Carova Beach, North Carolina

The Outer Banks is a natural relaxation site, but Carova, the northernmost outpost, is particularly tranquil, given its location on the banks. There are no hotels or stores, just holiday homes, and getting there requires a 4×4 vehicle (the “roads” are really just sand). It’s all about the beach here: 11 miles of it, always deserted even in the summer, where you can swim in the always-warm waters, surf, paddleboard, or do nothing at all.

The Carova wild mustangs roam the island, so you’ll probably spend a lot of time putting together the perfect Instagram collage. Keep your distance: the horses are feral, so there won’t be any Black Stallion-style bonding.

3. Hawaii

The tropical islands have been dubbed “paradise” by some, which isn’t far from the reality for many people. Snow-white sand beaches, turquoise-colored water, and palm trees swaying in the wind.

The Hawaiian Islands are an excellent place to unwind. What better backdrop to de-stress and unwind than a sunset over the Pacific? If the beach isn’t relaxing enough for you, there are many spa facilities available thanks to its status as a tourist hotspot.

There are so many different ways to benefit from these facilities – from pedicures to facials to massages – that you could spend your whole holiday at the hotel spa if you wanted to.

4. The Olympic Coast

If you like shaggy pine trees, pebbly beaches, and cool, misty mornings, head to the northwest corner of the United States to see what you’ve been missing out on in terms of natural scenery and great hiking opportunities.

At night, the pitter-patter of rain on the roof is a calming lullaby, and when you arrive at that special spot on the beach, with the mist from the ocean and gulls flying in the distance, you know you’ve arrived at Heaven on Earth.
The stunning landscape of the Pacific Northwest makes it one of the most relaxing and peaceful places to meditate or practice yoga.

Wheather it’s a weekend get away or a full-blown vacation, take some time an undwind at a relaxing destination. Grab the sunscreen and towel and hit the beach, or pack the tent and explore the woods. What ever location you choose, relaxation awaits.