Do you agree that when you go to a restaurant, the food’s presentation makes a big difference in your experience? This is part of what is making foodcations popular. Plating is something that should be kept in mind not only for the customer experience but to show off the chef’s creativity.

We have put together this guide with a few dessert plating ideas to help you level up your presentation game. Keep reading to learn more about how to plate desserts and wow your customers.

1. Color Is Your Friend

Use color in your presentation to bring your dessert to life. Dull and brownish desserts like chocolate cake or Belgian waffles can come to life with bright red strawberries and some blueberries.

If a dessert already comes with a pop of color like a lemon tart you can add colorful edible flowers to make it more irresistible to eat.

2. Construction

No matter how beautiful your dessert plate is, someone will be stabbing it with a fork and eating it. This is why dessert construction is important.

Keep your sturdier layers at the bottom of the plate and the lighter and creamy layers on top. If you are going to add a crispy layer either break it up into crumbles or make sure it is a very thin sheet.

If you want even more layers on top of each other then use frozen layers because they will always stack easier.

3. Composition

When you are putting the desert plate together think of it as a painting. Act like you are a painter on a blank canvas. You can take any approach you want and you can gear it to fit the restaurant’s theme.

You can go for a minimalistic composition, or use a round plate and make the dessert a central focus. The sky is the limit to how you want to put the elements of the dessert together.

4. Focal Point

Creating a focal point will give the eyes a place to look at first and get excited about what is on the plate. No matter how “boring” the dessert might be you can spice it up and make it the focal point.

For example, in a classic brownie with ice cream, you can cut the brownies into two unique shapes and put the ice cream in the middle. Then add something fun on top of it, like edible chocolate leaves with some chocolate crumbles and whipped cream. That brownie will look fab instead of drag and become the perfect focal point.

5. Use Cups Instead

Plates are what usually come to mind when serving dessert but, if you want to stand out, ditch the plates for square plastic cups and you’ll notice the difference. You can make a dessert cup look really elegant with careful planning.

Because they are see-through a person is able to see and appreciate what they are eating. You can use layers to your advantage and create unique layered designs topped with fresh fruits and flowers on top

Ready to Use These Dessert Plating Ideas?

Now that you have our top dessert plating ideas, which ones will you be trying out yourself? Whether you own a small restaurant or want to show off at your next home gathering our dessert plating techniques will be sure to wow.

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