From time to time, we recall the nostalgia with the hits of the 1990s, the garish fashion of acid colors, tights, and puffy curly hairstyles. If you’re willing to arrange a themed party, here are a few ideas on how you can decorate your celebration. Remember that everything is vital to create the retro environment: decorations, music, accessories, and even the guests’ outfits. So, let’s learn how to hold a 1990s night!

Make a Bright Entrance

Upon entering, guests can immediately find themselves in a colorful lobby decorated in the style of the legendary American show — Double Dare. Your guests will know right away that the party is being celebrated in a big way.


Do you remember the legendary cartoon “Toy Story”? As an option, you can place figurines of the characters in a room or order themed balloons on and decorate the room with them. If you don’t want to get foil balloons for some reason, multi-colored helium balloons can be put on the ceiling, and disco lights will cause a “wow” effect.

Don’t hesitate to add as much sparkle as possible! You can attach a mirror ball to the ceiling. Of course, nobody wants to do graffiti on the wall in the style of the 90s, but hanging posters with the idols of those years is a holy thing.

Nostalgic Music

It’s easy to provide musical accompaniment for the party. Lots of people still listen to the songs of that time, and some can even find old cassette recorders at home. The choice of songs is truly enormous. It all depends on the kind, although you can mix various genres. EDM, pop, rock, performed by the stars of those years will be an excellent backup. Keep in mind to pick up melodies for slow dancing. Don’t forget to equip a special place for dancing at your party, which will fully convey the atmosphere of that era.

Accessories and Thematic Treats for Guests

You can prepare small gifts for visitors. You can put a basket with plastic glasses or badges with joking inscriptions or mock warnings at the hall entrance. Put sweets from the 1990s on the table and bake cookies with retro symbols. If you aren’t a talented cool, feel free to order a cake decorated with mastic following the theme.

Arrange Bright Photo Zone

You don’t need to be a skillful designer to set up a photo zone. If you have useless cardboard boxes, you can make a Rubik’s cube, a cassette recorder, and a tape. As long as you are planning a party in a country house, you can make two photo places. For the second option, inflate a large pool and fill it with Koosh balls, once a popular toy in the USA. There won’t be a single person who will refuse to take a vivid, memorable picture.

Leisure Time at the Party

There are a lot of activities to do at a party in this style. First, it is a disco, details of which were described above. If the scope of your celebration doesn’t mean providing a noisy evening, you can replace dancing with watching movies or cartoons of the 1990s.

A nostalgic party in the style of the 1990s is a great chance to spend a memorable night with your family and friends, plunging into the atmosphere of a bygone era. No matter how old you were at that time — whether you were a baby or a young boy or girl, in any case, you will have only positive and warm memories.