Mirrors serve a variety of purposes in the home such as lightening up your space, creating an illusion of more space, and enhancing the decoration of your house. However, following the few simple tips from our experts can help to hang the mirrors at the right spot in your dream house. Whether you have a cheap full-length mirror in your entrance ways or small mirrors in your bathroom, the selection of right spot contributes towards the effectiveness of the mirrors. Vanessa Deleon, an experienced interior designer, and a TV host reveals that a house without a mirror is a dead space. Using the large mirrors in tiny rooms can do wonders for homeowners. Let us explore how:

Use Large Mirrors in Small Spaces

Using a cheap full-length mirror in a teeny tiny room can help to create an illusion of more depth. So the experts encourage you not to use small mirrors or flood your wall spaces with decorative pieces that add no value to your new home. Go big and place a large mirror on the wall in a tiny room; for example, you can use a big mirror in the dining room above the table to reflect the chandelier. You can also install a large sized mirror across from a lovely piece of artwork or painting. You can try these tips that can help you to get adventurous and add more fun to the room. You can even add something larger since people have some misconceptions about hanging a large mirror in the small room, you can install scones with the large mirrors to give them a contemporary tone.

Don’t Place Mirror Almost Anywhere Around Your House

A full-length mirror can enhance the aesthetics and space of your rooms, but don’t be tempted to use cheap full length mirror willy-nilly around your house to cover the empty walls. That will develop a bad impression and the lack of home decoration skills for your guests. Make sure that a large mirror on the wall is always reflecting something that is worth reflecting and avoids putting it where it reflects useless objects. As a decorator, the worst thing you can do is to place a mirror at the wrong spot, so it reflects that random objects in your room or lounge. The expert Deleon states that it will be utterly disappointing for your guests to see a pile of junk or clutter reflected by your mirror. Even, a broken or worthless piece of furniture will destroy the image of the room, when reflected by a large mirror.

Therefore, you should always look for spaces that help the mirror to reflect the nice view from the window or bounces light into the room. Homeowners have little knowledge of home interiors, which is why most of them end up making wrong choices regarding hanging mirror.

Make Mirrors a Focal Point in Your Room

The interior decorators love to dress up space with mirrors; the full length mirror that are yet to be installed in your house need proper planning to occupy the perfect spot on your wall. You shouldn’t place a mirror on the floor instead of putting it on the wall. The large mirrors will work wonderfully in the dining rooms and corners where light is an issue. You can add some groove by adding a spotlight behind a large mirror because it will help to shine the place even brighter and create a fantastic glow. Therefore, one great idea can help to set the entire room for elegance.

Use Mirrors Effectively in the Bathroom or Kitchen

Have you ever heard that a mirror is not necessary for a kitchen? Well, that is just a thing of past because the interior decorators claim that a kitchen mirror can help to release the stress during cooking. It is understandable since a kitchen mirror can still suffer from problems of watermarks and smoke. But constant care and cleaning can help to keep the kitchen mirror shining like a star. However, the expert Deleon also advises the homeowners to limit the use of mirrors in the bedroom, despite its numerous benefits. The reason is that if a mirror is in the bedroom and it still doesn’t reflect the light, it won’t provide a good look. However, a bedroom without a mirror may look dull. Therefore, the experts may advise the homeowners to put the mirror where it can reflect the bed.

As soon as you wake up, your reflection in the mirror may scare you. But if the mirror is placed above the headboard, then it would be ok for you. The psychologists reveal that putting a mirror in front of your bed can disturb your sleep. If you fail to wake up in a new mood, your day will be dull as well. Hence, using mirrors effectively in the bedroom, bathroom, and the kitchen can help to avoid stress and increase the visual appeal.

Obeying the Feng Shui Rules is Beneficial

Why do some experts tell you to limit the use of mirrors in the bedroom? Because it is an ancient practice not to use a mirror in a small bedroom. The Feng Shui practice also recommends not to use a large mirror in the bedroom. The ancient belief revolves around attracting a strong element of water in the bedroom that can create a feeling of depression or sorrow. Therefore, any mirror facing the bed can deteriorate your mental energy and can interfere with the feelings of love and joy. For couples, the mirror facing a bed can invite a third party during intimate relationships. That is the reason Feng Shui belief limits the use of mirrors in the bedroom to avoid possible psychological problems.
The experts also know how to practice good Feng Shui with strategic use of mirrors in the bedroom. It all depends on the position and placement of the mirror in a bedroom to avoid the issues of stress and negativity. Therefore, a mirror placed above a fireplace is an excellent idea, which is also a well know good Feng Shui practice. The practice reveals that placing a mirror in the entrance of your Adobe provides a welcoming feeling to the guests.

Using Mirrors on Ceilings is Useless

The interior decoration experts also claim that using mirrors on ceilings is not worth it; the reasons might be fairly obvious. A mirror on the ceiling can look very odd, and it can be tacky as well. If a cheap hotel uses a mirror on the ceiling, that can justify their strategy of attracting clients. But, a mirror on a home’s ceiling is nothing more than a weird piece of décor that makes no sense to entrants. The movie makers use mirrors on the ceilings to create attractive looks for the viewers. However, it is not recommended for the homeowners.

Use the Mirrored Furniture in your House and Use it to your Advantage

There are numerous alternative ways to use large wall mirrors in the home; according to expert Deleon, a mirrored piece of furniture such as a chest of drawers or a coffee table can give a new meaning to your entrance way. Deleon also says that a mirror can trick the eyes into thinking that the house is much larger than it already is. You can put big furniture in the middle of your lounge or bedroom, and you can make it appear large by putting a large mirror in front of it. The expert also mentions that putting furniture like drawers or desks next to a wall in a tiny room makes it look bigger. You can make your floor look even bigger to provide an illusion of extra floor space.

However, the expert also warns the owners not to use the mirrored furniture in a busy room. For example, if in a TV lounge, there are several people all the time and they are already occupying the space, a mirror is not a necessity. However, you can still use a mirror to add spice to a crowded room according to your preferences and style.

The Bottom Line

A mirror image is a reflection of an object that is always reversed in direction and reflects the objects in your small or big room. The interior decoration specialists reveal that large wall mirror in your tiny room can be just as fantastic as an expensive decoration piece. What it does is more than help you feel great; it can enhance the aesthetics of your tiny room and also help to provide the illusion of space. The light mirrors reflect in the dark spaces is always a blessing for the family members, since a mirror placed a the right place can enhance the beauty of your walls. However, the experts also reveal that ignoring the Feng Shui rules and placing the wall mirrors in the bedroom can cause several mental problems for the family members. A mirror in front of a bed is always dangerous because it can reflect negative energies and interfere with intimate relationships.

Conceptualizing the concept of mirrors in a small room can help the homeowners to decorate their house more effectively. The mirror can show you a reflection that is three dimensional, and it changes the distribution of light in the room to lighten up the dark spaces. The light can reach small spaces with the help of a mirror and can rejuvenate your energy. So if you are ready to view a version of your home that is joyous and remarkable, use the wall mirrors effectively in the rooms.