The decision to purchase a house is undoubtedly one of the biggest decisions of your life. Typically, its excitement and tension that grips you when you make the final purchase decision. It’s only natural that you have crossed a great deal of hardship to buy a house. Now, it’s time you transform that house to a home, and the first step towards this journey begins with decorating your living abode. Here are a few expert tips to get you started.

Keeping your checklist and budget in sync

Before you even begin buying things for your new living space, it is recommended that you list down the things that you precisely want. This will only help to get a firsthand knowledge of things which in turn will be aligned to your budget. Experts often opine that you target one room after another and not just end up doing your entire apartment in one go. It only makes sense as that would attract heavy investment at one go, especially when you are trying to keep things under check following the purchase of the apartment. Also, one should take into consideration that interior decor is a matter of creativity, and hence taking things slow is what governs the natural course of the process.

Colors rule the roost

No matter what your apartment size is, a two bedrooms or a three bedrooms; colors play an essential nay an integral role. Start by choosing a color that matches your mood, temperament, and the location of the room within the apartment. For instance, a living room of a 2 bedrooms apartment is generally one such area where people spend a lot of time together. Hence, you should take care to choose a color that bespeaks vibrancy and happiness in tandem.

Choosing colors is also dependent on the kind of furniture that you want for the room, and if need be you can go for close to matching shades to leave an impact. These days, you can also go ahead and select a color scheme for different parts of your house, ranging from your living room to bedroom to kitchen and bathroom as well. No matter what you do and what colors you freeze upon, it is always recommended to strike a balance.

Selecting Furniture

Furniture is another such important aspect of interior design that you simply can’t do without. For over the years, the trend in furniture has been ever-changing, and with the advent of online purchasing, one now enjoys the liberty of choosing their own furniture line from the comfort of their home. Starting from storage units to wardrobes to entertainment units, one can now order for customized furniture to match the theme of their living space. After you have selected your furniture set, make sure to pick out on the right kind of cushion and drapery that goes along. Remember, the right kind of furnishing has the capability to brighten up even the dullest corners of your living room. Alternately, making a wrong choice can bring forth a dull effect to an otherwise bright area.

Lighting matters

When we talk of inner decor, lighting assumes a role of paramount importance. Lighting, when done correctly in and across your house, can uplift the entire aura of your living space. Care should be taken so that the lights are placed in the right spots across your apartment in a manner that illuminates an area striking the right balance. It shouldn’t be too dark in spaces where people are meant to walk some distance nor too bright to have a blinding effect across a 2BHK apartment. The kitchen and bathroom are two such areas where adequate lighting should be present so that there isn’t hassle to do daily household chores.

A blend of new and old

People go by the saying old is gold. However, when buying a new 2BHK apartment, there is seldom a chance that your old furniture will find a place among smart interiors. However, discarding them right away might not be the correct approach. Instead, call upon your carpenter and promise him the tip of his lifetime to reshape and carve out new age furniture from the old ones. Not only they would suffice for the purpose but also will be a matching companion to the new furniture that you might have purchased for your new apartment. There will always be certain furniture that carries family sentiment and are hard to let go. It is strongly advised that you hold on these for good and strike a mix and match pattern to bring about an air of subtlety all around. One more thing that needs to be taken into consideration while buying a new furniture is their functionality. Don’t be blinded by the look and feel. Instead, focus on the functionality to save space and use it for a purpose.

All you need is space

Space is one such thing that always comes short no matter how much you can afford to have. The same principle goes for storage units as well. When buying storage units for your new 2 or 3BHK apartment, it is recommended that you buy one for each room. Say, for instance, the storage unit that is usually brought for your bedroom will help save space from overflowing wardrobes and linens which are used regularly. In the very same manner, it is only advised to have your other units designed in the very same way, which will not only be functional but also help save more space.

Never doubt your DIY skills

This is seemingly one such area where people take a back step. However, it is always recommended that you leave a little to be taken care of by your own creativity. No matter what type is your apartment, a little DIY can go a long way in imparting minimalistic attributes towards making your living space shine. And guess what? It doesn’t take you long to do so. Take a kids room, for example. You might as well start decorating the walls with photographs that record his growing; something that will always be a thing to look at and rekindle your cherished memories.