Dating back to 1964, the Corona Chair was formerly designed by renowned Danish designer Poul M. Vouther. The sudden rise in popularity is all due to its presence in mass media platforms such as movies, fashion shoots and music videos, all of which portrayed its ability to let the user relax in various positions. Making your home a work of art is all about choosing the correct shades, textures and utilizing strategic arrangement. It can seem to be an intimidating task trying to create an interior design setup with the one-of-a-kind Corona Chair as part of your Mid Century Modern living room. The guide we’ve drawn up for you is here to dispel all your anxieties as it’ll ensure an outcome that’ll guarantee satisfaction on your end. So what are you waiting for, scroll ahead and discover the wonderful ways in which you can upgrade your lifestyle:

black corona chair

A simple all black look

The predominantly dark color palette featuring ultra-modern furnishings like the Corona Chair entices you into the room to explore. A monochromatic color palette can arouse a lot of interest when there are diverse elements and forms jumbled into a single space. This living room arrangement is a contemporary take on traditional lounges making it a mid century modern living room worthy of praise. Although the scheme may seem dark and dense, the minimal clutter and elliptical contours of the seat add a fresh flair. The halo of inviting light cast by the grandiose windows, clear glass tables and sleek secondary furnishings are a perfect mechanism for furthering the up-to-date vibe of this room. A modern schematic representation such as this should highly appeal to contemporary sensibilities.

orange corona chair

A vibrant pop of color

The structural design and basic positioning of the Corona Chair’s oval cushions are analogous to the floating design of a time lapse of the solar eclipse making it both a whimsical yet stable product. You can create a genuinely dynamic space bursting with aesthetic appeal with a few tactically placed décor pieces. The best part about this article is that it is available in cashmere, top grain, aniline and vintage materials that also exist in a large spectrum of color options allowing you to tailor any scheme to your personal preference. The example above depicts a fusion of eclectic, funky-bohemian and rustic moods all unified in just three interior design pieces. This pop of hip orange alongside a patterned table with a matching decorate rug establishes a splendidly charming and charismatic corner.

Light and airy with a play on added texture

black corona chairThe high quality, polished, stainless steel frame skeleton, and top grain leather Italian leather upholstery of the Corona Chair characterizes it both as an industrial and artistic piece. The minimalist aura of the room is supplemented with the trio placed facing each other atop a fluffy carpet which adds to the ergonomic-oriented construction of the seating. The innovative craftsmanship of the chair is showcased well with the flood of lighting pouring from the large bay windows in the background. This mid century modern living room setting is a perfect way to flaunt the stunning architectural features of this piece without coming off as to braggart. This communal area would’ve felt devoid of life had the scheme not included a sole, contrasting white piece. The overhead chandelier centralizes the entire setting.

black corona chair

Create depth with the bare minimum

Clutter is a homeowner’s nightmare, which is why the trim and clean-cut silhouette of the Corona Chair is an ideal purchase for those aiming to establish monochromatic, minimalistic yet domestic design elements. In the image above you will observe the seemingly random inclusion of differing décor pieces, yet this diversity is what times the whole room together. The versatile construction of this chair allows for it to be placed within any kind of style be it modern, contemporary or bucolic. The chic and smart aura of the seat is augmented by the daring design of the rug placed beneath it, the lamp direct right above it casting a spotlight and the partnering of botanical elements to offset the synthetic vibes. The curvy and geometric outline of this chair works as a focal point in the room, drawing all eyes towards it.

white corona chair

Classic white elegance never goes out of style

Following the timeless theme of all-white color palettes, the Corona Chair can be used as part of a muted color scheme that always looks graceful and polished. Every piece used in the image above features a gleaming, glossy, translucent and cream finish, with unique textures that make the arrangement wholly interesting. The entire concept visualizes a calming and genteel aura.

Due to its facilitating yet alluring design, the Corona Chair is an excellent addition within any room, elevating it to mid century modern living room status. The 5 ideas presented above will help make your interior design journey significantly more fun.