Decluttering your home will do more than help you organize your space. It can help you bulk up your savings account, too. Read this to find out how you can make the most profit off of your “junk”.

Giving Your Savings a Boost

Maybe your budget is too tight for your comfort. Maybe you’re hoping to build an emergency fund for when a small problem catches you by surprise (for example, an appliance breakdown). Whatever your reason, you need some extra cash, and you don’t have the time or the bandwidth to take on another job.

What can you do? One thing that you should consider doing is apply for a line of credit online. A line of credit through CreditFresh can be a useful safety net for moments when you don’t have enough funds available. It can help you cover small emergencies, like appliance breakdowns and unexpected car repairs. Life is unpredictable, so it’s nice to have a financial tool that you can rely on whenever something goes wrong.

After doing that, you can see how to add some savings into your budget or emergency fund with the help of your household clutter. Read ahead to see what gently used items you can sell and how you can do it:

What Can You Sell?

Old Clothing

It’s time to clean out your closet. Make a pile of all of the clothes that you don’t want, that you don’t like and that don’t fit anymore. Unless they’re covered in stains and full of holes, you should try to sell them. Look up the best websites for selling used clothing and start putting up listings for everything from winter coats to summer shorts.

These are some tips that will help you with this:

  • Make sure that your clothes are clean, ironed and tidy.
  • Empty out the pockets. You don’t want to leave anything in there – especially if it’s a $20 bill.
  • Take good photos of the clothing items.
  • Add a detailed description of the size, color and style. The more information, the better.

If you’re having trouble making a sale online, you can go to a consignment store to see if they’ll take any of your items. They will sell them for you and take a portion of the profits in return.


Is your jewelry box full of pieces that you don’t wear anymore? Clear out the unwanted necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and brooches and separate them into piles: precious/vintage jewelry and everyday/costume jewelry. You can sell the precious/vintage items to a professional jeweler or auction house. You’re better off selling your everyday/costume items through a consignment store or online marketplace (for example, eBay).

These are some tips that will help you with this:

  • If you think a piece is valuable, have it appraised before you sell it anywhere.
  • You should clean your jewelry ahead of time.
  • You can also sell your jewelry off for materials. Professional jewelers will take gemstones. Bullion dealers will take gold and silver items.


Do you have any furniture gathering dust in your basement or garage? Then you should give those pieces a quick clean and sell them to someone who will actually use them.

You can bring valuable and vintage pieces to consignment stores, antique dealers or auction houses. Everything else, you can sell online through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Make sure the buyers are local. You don’t want to be responsible for transporting a living-room set halfway across the country.


Look up the best websites to sell your used electronics – you can make a profit off of everything from old smartphones to video game consoles. Make sure to give the products a good clean and wipe your data off of them before putting up a listing.


Those hobbies that you obsessed over in your childhood can now come in handy. Things like Pokémon cards, comic books, action figures, baseball cards and other collectibles can help you rake in cash. The rarer the collectible, the more money you can make from the sale.


That’s right, you can even make money off of your junk. Here are just some of the ways that you can turn your trash into treasure:

  • A scrap metal recycling facility will pay you for the metal objects and materials sitting in your garage. They’ll take everything from old brass door handles to copper plumbing.
  • E-waste recycling programs will pay you for old and broken electronics, including cellphones, computers, televisions and household appliances.
  • Some recycling centers will pay you for bringing in glass bottles and aluminum cans.
  • Websites like Box Cycle will buy your gently used cardboard boxes.

You could be sitting on a goldmine. Start decluttering right now and get ready to fill up your bank account.