A horse brings endless joy and companionship, being a great addition to the family. To give your horse the care it needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a routine will need to be established so you can build up that bond and provide the attention they require. From keeping them warm in their turnout rugs to meeting their nutritional needs, we have pulled together a top level example of a day to day routine so you can find the one that works for you and your horse.

First thing in the morning

Most horse owners tend to head down to the stable first thing in the morning, setting their horse up for the day before they go about their own.

  • The morning is a good time to provide your horse with their daily feed and ensure they have plenty of hay to graze on. Your horses diet tends to be made up of around 80% of hay and pasture, giving them plenty to chew on throughout the day in between main feeds.
  • Fresh water is a main priority. When you arrive to their stable, their existing water supply should be emptied and refilled with fresh water, ensuring they have plenty to last them through the day until you next return.
  • Your horses stable should be mucked out on a daily basis, removing any areas which have traces of urine or manure. Once the old bedding has been taken away, fresh bedding can be added to ensure their stable remains in a neat and tidy condition.
  • Depending on the weather, your horse should be prepared for the day. In colder months, a thick rug with waterproof properties will ensure they can retain their body heat and stay warm throughout the day. In the summer, a fly sheet and fly mask are recommended for keeping biting insects at bay, or alternatively a fly spray can be used every morning and evening.

Multiple times a week

  • Before your horse heads out for the day, check on their hooves and pick where necessary. Keep a continuous eye on the condition of your horses’ shoes to ensure that they are kept in good condition and do not need replacing.
  • Multiple times a week, you should be grooming your horse to maintain a healthy coat and look out for any injuries or skin problems. By using a body brush and a mane comb to tackle any tangles in the tail and main, your horse will stay looking better than ever.
  • Depending on the lifestyle of your horse, it is recommended to exercise your horse a few times a week they are not actively ridden. By going on walks or rides, your horse is able to enjoy the outdoors and keep their body moving for health purposes.
  • Especially during chillier weather, keeping your horse warm and comfortable is important. Place blankets down in their stable as the night draws in and ensure they are regularly washed and changed to maintain cleanliness standards.