When it comes to relationships, there is nothing wrong with settling into a comfortable routine. Be careful though, the routine can lead to boredom. Couples from Boston to Tampa will admit that they are happy enough with their current routine but wouldn’t mind a bit more spice now and then. Thanks to these date night destination ideas you can turn up the heat and strengthen your connection.

With a busy career and family schedules, it’s not surprising that many couples find it hard to set aside time to spend together. If you start making your date night a regular event it will become easier to commit to and you might even start looking forward to your couple time.

It’s okay to go to dinner or a movie for your date night but, don’t let those be the only activities or destinations that you try. Date night is supposed to be about breaking out of your routine. You can try the best couples massage Tampa or Boston has to offer or catch a few laughs at a comedy club. Take a look at some of these “outside the box” date night destinations that will help you to reconnect as a couple.

Cooking Class

Why go out to the same old restaurant for your date night when you could enjoy a full culinary adventure together. You can sign up for a gourmet cooking class that will have you working together to create a delicious meal while having fun learning about new foods and techniques. You can take a variety of classes and even host a dinner party for your couple friends as part of a date night group activity.

Couples Massage

Nothing is more relaxing or pampering than getting a full body massage. Why not enjoy the experience with your favorite person lying beside you? Choose between a variety of massage techniques to create the perfect spa experience for you both. After your refreshing rub down you will be relaxed and more open to reconnecting with your partner.

Escape Room

If you are looking for something exciting and different to do on your date night you could try an Escape Room. Work together as a team to solve puzzles, riddles, and clues to help you unlock the door of your themed escape room. These unique entertainment venues are great for couples or groups if you want to bring a few friends.

Comedy Club

Nothing makes you feel quite so alive as a good belly laugh. If it’s been a while since you and your partner shared a laugh, it might be a nice change to set your date night destination to a comedy club. Sit back and relax and enjoy the hilarity of local and national comics while you let your walls down and reconnect with your partner.

Recreate Your First Date

When life and responsibility get in the way it can be tough to remember why you fell in love in the first place. Small reminders of how you first started out together and the passion of that early love can have a powerful effect. Visit the same restaurant, movie theater or coffee shop where you had your first date and spend some time talking about old memories and good times. This kind of reflection is a great way to remind yourself how much you love your partner.


It takes effort to keep the spark alive in any relationship. It’s important to set time aside with mindfulness to help you maintain your relationship. Take the time to try some of these date night destinations that can help you reconnect and strengthen the bond with your partner.