The old saying goes, “it’s not the gift, but the thought that counts”. The act of exchanging gifts has long been a tradition that transcends racial, cultural and status lines. During Medieval times, peasants exchanged gifts with their nobles and community as a sign of gratitude. Although they had little, they made it a point to give what they could to receive respect from those around them. The nobles, on the other hand, believed that their gifts were a representation of the year to come. The better the gift, the more fortune, and prosperity they would have the following year.

Certain gifts have a cultural significance in certain countries. For example, the Italians don’t believe in wrapping presents in colors like black or purple. In their culture, those colors are often associated with death or misfortune. In Scandinavia, there’s no such thing as “one-sided” giving. Once you receive a gift, it’s customary to buy that person something in return. It’s almost like the gift-giving cycle that never ends. In the States, used gifts are usually received with bad taste. The person on the receiving end may feel like you’re cheap or don’t value your relationship; regardless of the circumstance.

It’s interesting that we attribute different meanings to certain gifts. Contemplating this matter makes the subject of gift-giving even more fascinating. Although different cultures believe different things, there’s one aspect of gift-giving that’s a solid commonality; respect. People put a certain amount of time and effort in their presents because they want them to be special. Memorable even. Something the can truly cherish for years to come.

One of the most memorable gifts you can give someone is a memory. That’s why photos and frames are always timeless. They signify memorable moments that capture happiness and evoke emotion They almost want to make your curl up close with them. Well, with custom photo blankets, you can do just that.

Custom photo blankets are slowly making strides as being an awesome gift for people of all ages. Previously reserved for grandparents, this cute yet thoughtful gift can truly make anyone’s day. The process behind getting one made is seamless. You simply provide the company you’re working with a picture of your choice and let them handle the rest. Your precious memory is now printed in the form of a life-size blanket.

Now, although this gift seems priceless, why should you choose this item as opposed to the countless other gifts on the market? Sure, it may seem like an old-fashioned gift. However, it has so many benefits that are inspiring. Want to know why you should invest in this? It’s simple; this is the gift that keeps on giving. Let’s consider a few reasons why.

It’s Affordable

If you’re on a budget, but you still want to give a thoughtful gift, a photo blanket is the best way to go. Many companies price their items based on size and color. You can pick the style that fits your budget and still looks amazing. Once your loved one sees the gift, they’ll instantly remember the memory associated with the photo. To them, that’s worth more than any amount of wealth. In addition, these blankets are of premium quality. Your loved ones won’t even know that the gift is inexpensive. They’ll be so focused on how grateful they are to have this lasting memory.

The Process is Easy

Unlike other presents where you have to search high and low, this one is all-inclusive. In fact, you technically don’t even have to wrap it. You can either place it in a large bag or fold it neatly. Adorning it with a nice ribbon or bow makes the presentation special. As mentioned, getting this product made is extremely easy. Companies are pushing for this product to be the next big thing in novelty gifts. Therefore, they want you to have the best customer experience possible. If you’re not savvy with web design or uploading photos, there’s always someone on the other side who can support you. You’ll never have to worry about your product coming out blurry or incorrect.

It Reduces Anxiety

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the healing effects of blankets on anxiety and depression. In fact, studies have shown that children with neurological dysfunctions sleep more soundly with a weighted blanket. The same theory can be applied to photo blankets. Everyone loves the feeling of cuddling up on the couch after a long day with a nice, warm blanket. In fact, I’m sure you’re feeling the warmness now just by thinking about it. Magnify that feeling time 100 when you add a personal touch to the design. Now, the person not only is benefitting from the blanket, but they’re also comforted by the picture.

Take for example a family who just lost their pet. They may feel hopeless, sad and lonely. However, giving them a blanket with their beloved family member on it may give them the comfort they need to keep going. People just want to feel safe and secure. With photo blankets, they’re able to have the best of both worlds. This same concept can be applied to people who are grieving. Giving them something special like this will make them feel closer to their loved one.

Photo Blankets Are Unique

Everyone is tired of the traditional gifts like lotions or gift cards. Give your loved ones something special with a photo blanket. This unique gift is different and innovative. Not too many people have hopped on the photo blanket bandwagon yet. You’ll love seeing the look on your loved ones face when they see that gift for the first time. If they’ve never seen anything like that before, they may wonder how you were able to pull this off. Your gift will be the most memorable one of the year.

It Keeps a Moment Alive

Our society is moving so far away from printed material. Now, all of the memories we have are online or on our device. While that’s handy, there’s nothing like holding a precious picture in your hands. Photo blankets take us back to a simpler time by capturing a moment forever. With this gift, you’re able to keep your memories close. This gift serves as a constant reminder of happy times. This visual may even help you get through some tough times.

It’s a Great Bragging Piece

I could hear grandmothers raving over their grandchild’s school picture being printed on a blanket. This gift serves as a bragging and conversation piece. When individuals walk into their home, they bound to ask, who’s in the picture and what you all were doing. This gift draws others closer together because it’s such a unique conversation starter. If you want someone to remember a special moment, getting a photo blanket is the best way to go.

It Keeps the Family Together

Imagine getting into a fight with your loved one only to realize their picture is printed on a huge blanket. You can’t stay mad at them for too long! This gift is not only precious but, it keeps the family together. This constant reminder serves as a reminder of happier times. By keeping this positive perspective, you’re more likely to let go of anger.

One tip is to encourage the person to keep this blanket in an open space; somewhere they can see it every day. This serves as a constant reminder of how blessed and happy they are to have people who love them. Thinking like this does more positive than negative, especially when it applies to those who are grieving.

It’s Durable

Some gifts that are reasonably priced tend to fall apart after an extended period of time. With photo blankets, they only get better with time. Your loved one can wash it and sleep with it without witnessing visible tears. Depending on the company you purchase from, you can get extended protection warranties to make sure their gift stays safe and secure. Your loved ones will never doubt that you care about them.

It Commemorates Special Moments

Photo blankets are used for more than just pictures. You have the control to upload your own designs that showcase your special message. Want to propose to that special someone? Doing it on a photo blanket will make the moment special. They’ll always keep that item with them to remember that special moment. In addition, photo blankets are also pretty comical! Since you have the control to place whatever photo it is you want on there, you can make it a funny one!

When you purchase your photo blanket, you have the creative power to do whatever you want. This wonderful gift serves as a beautiful reflection of how you feel about your loved ones. This gift is something they can cherish for years to come. So, before you run out and purchase that typical gift, make the extra effort and get your family member something they’ll truly fall in love with.