The average person spends roughly $150.00 per month on clothing. You’d think that with all of that spending, we’d see more eye-catching outfits on the street.

The truth is though… our team rarely does.

The majority of outfits out there seem like close iterations of things that we’ve seen before and current fashion trends are now in a place of dullness that makes it so no matter how much you spend on whatever is featured in your local store, your style won’t be likely to turn heads.

Therein lies the value of custom patches. Custom patches allow you to step up your fashion game for next to nothing out of pocket, and frankly, we can’t get enough of them!

Below, we’ll quickly sell you on the idea of why you should consider getting custom patches made for your clothes by sharing with you a few of their key benefits.

1. Re-usability

Custom patches are not a one and done accessory. They’re something that you can accessorize with across multiple clothing items time and again!

Given that patches can be sewn onto clothing, if you ever find yourself wanting to move a patch to another clothing item, doing so is as easy as lifting the stitching and moving your patch.

That versatility makes it so the number of options you have when it comes to getting the most out of your patches is virtually unlimited!

2. A Showcase of Uniqueness

As we said, there is a lot of monotony in the world of fashion. Fighting that monotony is one of the best perks that custom patches pack.

Armed with a patch, you can take a mundane piece of clothing and turn it into a one of a kind piece. You’ll literally never have to worry about bumping into somebody that’s wearing the same outfit as you.

That perk by itself should pique your interest in patches!

3. They’re Affordable

Cheapness isn’t always synonymous with quality and value. When you can find something that’s cheap and great, you’ve truly struck gold.

Well, we just so happen to think that custom patches are great and they also happen to be inexpensive!

You can see how patches are made and how affordable they can be online. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed by the value they present.

4. Recycling Used Clothing

If you’re like us, you have a ton of clothing sitting somewhere that you don’t wear anymore.

Maybe you’re tired of the way that you look wearing those pieces. Maybe their style is played out.

Fortunately, patches can help you breathe new life into old pieces.

By creatively leveraging patches on clothes, onlookers will view what you’re wearing as something completely new which means that you can add tons of “new” pieces into your outfit rotation without breaking the bank.

5. Ease of Use

If fear of sewing on patches is the primary reason that you’re not buying them, throw that fear out the window. Patch makers keep non-sewers in mind when creating custom patches.

On the back of patches is an adhesive that can be activated with heat. To leverage that adhesive, all you have to do is place your patch where you want it on your clothes and iron over it.

6. Safety

Nobody thinks of safety when they think of patches, but guess what? Patches on your clothing can actually boost your visibility which can help decrease your chances of getting hit by a vehicle.

Patches are created using reflective backings that refract light. That means, much like how reflectors on bikes keep bikers safe, your patches may alert drivers to where you’re walking in the dark which could literally save your life.

7. Patches Quick-Fix Clothing

If you love a shirt or a pair of pants and are debating on throwing that clothing item away because of pesky holes, patches could be the solution that you’re looking for.

To make your rips and tears disappear, pick up an appropriately sized patch, iron it on over your clothing’s cosmetic flaw, and just like that everything will look as good as new!

8. Breaking the Ice Becomes Easy

Another unconventional benefit of putting patches on your clothing is breaking the ice with strangers. It’s hard to strike up conversations with new people sometimes and patches act as a billboard that can tell people about you without you having to say anything.

That “billboard” could attract people with similar interests to strike up conversations with you. If you’re wearing multiple patches, you’ll even have other topics to transition to when your conversation starts to hit lulls.

9. You Can Use Patches on More Than Clothes

By now, you should have a pretty good idea about how versatile custom patches can be when it comes to clothing. And guess what? With patches, your creativity isn’t limited to pants, jackets, shoes, etc.

We’ve seen people use custom patches that have their contact information on them and stick those patches on their luggage. We’ve even seen people glue patches on binder covers to give them a textured flair.

Bottom line – What you can do with patches is only limited by your imagination!

Wrapping Up Why You Should Get Custom Patches Made for Your Clothes

Hopefully, we’ve managed to convince you why custom patches can make an awesome addition to your wardrobe and life. If you’re feeling experimental, get some custom patches made today and see first-hand how they can boost your style.

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