Not all of us are blessed with problem-free feet. And for many people, even when their feet start out perfect, things often happen along the way that can lead to pain in your feet every day. Certain styles of shoes, or a medical condition like diabetes, or even sports that are healthy for you can lead to food imperfections that can slow down your stride caused by pain.

Custom orthotics may be the solution to assist with the pain you are experiencing. Kerry E. Berg, DPM is a well-known foot surgeon and podiatrist in Colorado who treats many patients that suffer from foot pain at a thriving practice in Colorado Springs. She frequently suggests custom orthotics to ease painful foot conditions. Yet custom orthotics can do a lot more than just treat foot pain.

Why Do Custom Orthotics Work Better Than The Generics?

Custom orthotics, which are also called arch supports or shoe inserts, are made to support problematic areas in the feet. They are designed to lift arches, relieve pain in the heel or/and compensate for toe joint deformities.

Customization is essential for a product such as orthotics. Unlike mass-produced, generic shoe inserts that are found online or over-the-counter, a custom orthotic is made specifically to match the shape of your foot. They offer support where it is needed and the shape contours the exact size and shape of your foot.

Since many people stand on their feet throughout the day, Dr. Berg evaluates the stride of her patients during an evaluation for custom orthotics. This provides a clear idea of how the feet function and operate with movement. Each foot is different and unique, and inserts that are not custom fits can result in even more pain rather than resolving it.

The Health Benefits Of Custom Orthotics

Investing in orthotics from the can assist you in multiple ways:

Correct Foot Abnormalities

While discomfort may be the symptom, an underlying structural abnormality is often to blame when referring to foot pain. Instead of just masking the pain, a custom orthotic can correct an underlying cause, including supination (high arches) or pronation (collapsed arches).

Relieves Pressure

Customized orthotics offer supportive cushioning since they evenly redistribute the overall pressure that the feet are experiencing from everyday activities. This can be extremely helpful if you are standing for many hours throughout your workday or you suffer from arthritis. Orthotics are also designed to help prevent a condition such as pressure ulcers along with other types of foot abnormalities linked to diabetes.

Improves Ankle, Knee, And Back Health

Foot pain may be why you are interested in custom orthotics, but you can also benefit from these products when you are experiencing:

  • Ankle pain
  • Back pain
  • Knee pain

Your back, knees, and ankles depend on each foot to maintain the correct alignment along with good range of motion. Foot issues can result in pain and decrease mobility when it comes to your tendons, muscles, and joints as your stance or stride changes to deal with the pain in your feet.

This adds stress to the bony structures and soft tissue in your lower extremities and back. Custom orthotics can help your feet return to the correct alignment, or assist with preventing these issues.

Improve Overall Health And Athletic Perfomance

Whether you are an athlete that is just starting out or a seasoned professional trying to hang onto your title, a foot abnormality can interfere with your play. It is important to be aware that it is not just about walking or running. Pain in your foot can affect your stance when playing golf, or those weekend cycling adventures. Customized orthotics could be the right solution for you to deal with the discomfort that is limiting your performance.

At the same time, when it is your health you are interested in, workouts, walking, and running get a lot easier, and perhaps even more enjoyable as soon as foot pain is no longer a problem in your life.