There’s nothing like the joy of turning an amazing relationship into something more.

The moment of asking the girl of your dreams to marry you is one we spend our whole lives thinking about. If you’ve truly found that special woman for you, you might feel as if the time to pop the question is right around the corner.

How best to make it happen, however? Many people feel as if the simple dropping to a knee at dinner isn’t special enough for such an important moment.

Luckily, there are a lot of creative ways to give a ring out there. You can certainly find an idea or two that might appeal to you.

What are some of the best and most creative methods for proposing? Read on and we’ll walk you through a few of our very favorites.

1. The Pearl In The Oyster

Are you lucky enough to live in a beach town? If so, you’re probably already used to taking a few romantic strolls by the water with your loved one. There’s a reason ‘long walks on the beach’ is a dating profile cliche, after all.

If that’s an activity the two of you do together a lot, it might also serve as the perfect locale for your big proposal moment.

If you want to get real creative, you’ll just need to get a small jewelry box that’s shaped like an oyster sell before hitting the sand.

Ask your girlfriend (soon to be fiance!) if she wants to go for a walk on the beach and collect some shells. While you’re out on the sand and she’s picking out a few shells, you should plant your oyster box somewhere among the real ones.

Let out an excited whoop and holler for your girlfriend to come over, as if you’ve found something extra-special. When she arrives, hand over the faux oyster shell box and have her open it.

She’ll be shocked to find your gorgeous ring inside waiting for her.

Talk about a memory she won’t soon forget!

2. Love Is Poetry

Whoever captured the feeling of being in love better than the poets? It might be fitting than to give a ring to your loved one bundled up in the words of the world’s greatest romantics.

If your girlfriend is a poetry lover, go ahead and feel out who her favorite poet is. Go to the store and purchase a book (preferably hard-cover) of that poet’s work. Somewhere within the early pages, carve out a little hole and place the ring inside.

When your girlfriend opens the book to flip through it, she’ll find the ring sitting and waiting for her.

This is a great way to give a ring to someone because it’s thoughtful and creative on top of being easy and affordable. If you’re a little stretched for funds, paring this creative proposal method with a ring from Wholesale Sparkle can provide a solution.

You can nail your giving of the ring without having to break the bank.

3. A Scavenger Hunt

You remember doing a scavenger hunt as a child right? It’s likely something your parents, older sibling, or some other family member put together for you. You followed clues to different locations and then came up with a big prize at the end of the hunt.

Why not put this idea to use when giving a ring to your beloved?

Pick one of your favorite private locations and lay out a chain of clues over the area. The questions can be about whatever you like, though we suggest having them be about key moments of your relationship.

Make sure each clue leads to the location of the next. At the very end of the scavenger hunt, ensure the final location is home to the jewelry case that holds that all-important ring.

She’ll find at this moment she was playing for a much bigger prize than she ever could have expected.

4. Fake-Out Packaging

Want to have a little bit of humor be a part of your ring delivery? You could consider doing the classic fake-out package trick.

This is when you buy or acquire a number of different size boxes. The first box should be quite big, maybe a few feet wide. Inside this box place another, and another. You should place new boxes until you get down to more or less the size of the ring box.

Inside, you’ll place the ring, and then close each and every box of your Russian-doll structure up.

When you present your gift to your beloved, she’ll never be able to imagine that something as small as a ring is truly inside. Her expectations will constantly downshift as she moves through the boxes, and she’s sure to be jaw-dropped at the end of the day.

This is a fun way to present a ring that involves just a little bit of laughter and work. You should be 100% certain that your loved one has a very good sense of humor before putting them through the process of opening all of those boxes.

You have their expectations of this moment to contend with too, of course. Make sure you’re living up to them.

Our Favorite Creative Ways To Give A Ring

If you’ve purchased a ring to present to the love of your life, you’re likely thinking of how to get the moment just right. The above creative ways to give a ring can provide a kicking-off point for your own endeavor. These ideas are truly just the tip of the iceberg.

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