Running a business in today’s world is all about making sure that you take advantage of every little opportunity. As technology has advanced into what it is nowadays, businesses that are making use of modern technology are gaining an edge over their competition. Social media presence is a must if you want to attract more people towards your business. And to get more people on your social media accounts, you need to follow certain tips and tricks to engage them. In this article, I am going to highlight four creative ways that can help you gain more audience to your social media pages.

Post Regularly

I have seen a lot of businesses make social media accounts and leave them be without making any posts. As the fuel for social media is interaction, if you don’t give your users ways to engage with you, you aren’t gaining anything by being merely present on social media. The best and most straightforward way to strike a conversation with your users is to ask them questions. Memes are also a great way to keep your audience engaged, and if you have an idea in mind, you can easily generate memes using a meme maker.

Connect With a Social Cause

You might have already seen that whenever there is a social issue, famous brands try to take on a side and gain sympathizers for that cause. Be it breast cancer campaigns, black lives matter agenda, or showing support for the LGBT community, you can easily stay in the news by connecting with a social cause so that your audience knows which side you are on. However, make sure that you choose carefully as being on the wrong side can be bad for business.

Create More Video Content

Graphics and animation is a great way to attract people and make them stay on your social media page. According to research, web surfers have an attention span of a mere 8 seconds. If you aren’t able to provide them with valuable information within these 8 seconds, they will simply head over to the next page. However, with the help of graphics and animation, you can eliminate the need for written content and attract people with eye-catching visuals.

Start Using Hashtags

One of the reasons why social media is the go-to place for information is how swift it is. You can easily keep an eye or current issues with hashtags and pitch in whenever you can so that you increase your social media engagement. You can use different online tools to find relevant hashtags for your niche and check what people are saying and sharing. It will help you pitch in these conversations so that you can stay active, communicate with your relevant audience, and discover what people are saying about your business. You could also come up with a unique hashtag for your business and use it whenever you are advertising discounts, promotions, or sales. If your hashtag becomes a trend, your social media engagements will increase exponentially.