Creativity and innovation have become integral to the success of a business. The generation of the ‘ultimate consumer’ is here so as a company, you’ve got to keep your thinking cap on all the time. Creative packaging is now a fully-fledged industry because it’s all about creating a good and long-lasting impression on your customers.

It’s no longer about the packaging being durable (although that’s important) but your presentation is as important as the product itself! Today it’s all about how enticingly you’ve dressed up your product to make it sell.

So, long story short – creative packaging is the need of the hour and if you want to sell more, you’ve got to get on board with it!

Given the importance of creative packaging, let’s take a look at as to why it’s essential to your product’s success.

Capture Your Customer’s Attention

If your packaging stands out and appeals to your target audience, it can convert them into a promising lead. Your creative packaging has to be such that it makes people stop and notice. In terms of product packaging, first impressions count for a lot because of the way your company will be perceived by potential customers.

While we can agree that the value of your product cannot be determined by its packaging but at times its the only opportunity for you to convert a lead into a customer. So go the extra mile to really capture their attention and you’ll see how it pays off.


Creative packaging can do wonders for your brand identity. The use of the right colours and design on your packaging along with your business logo and other trademarks is what will distinguish you from your competition. This way, you’ll instigate familiarity and recognition in your target audience.

With brand identity, you connect with your customers by:

  • Creating a great first impression of yourself and your product to a new customer
  • Reminding your existing customers about your brand and the products you offer

Ensure that your company logo is prominent in the design of the package because that’s kind of the whole point of branding.


You can use your packaging to hand out all the relevant information about your brand and product. Use the space to include everything that the consumer needs to know before they make a purchase.

Here are some customer questions that your product packaging should answer:

  • Who is the product designed for?
  • What are its uses and is there anything I should know before using the product?
  • Where was the product made and how can I know more about the manufacturers?
  • When is the product supposed to be used? Does it come with an ‘expiration’ or ‘best before’ date?
  • How will this product add value?


Being creative with your packaging doesn’t mean you have to compromise on its functionality. Your packaging has to be such that it is practical in terms of durability, storage, protection and transportation.

The functionality of your packaging might not be important from a marketing perspective but it has its benefits. If the product you offer is delicate, the packaging has to be robust. It should protect the product within even while it’s being stacked and stored.

The point is, the product should be intact until it reaches your customers and that should be an important aspect of your packaging design.


Creative packaging is a powerful marketing tool. Your product can be the best out there but customers won’t pick it up if it looks boring and unappealing. Because you’ve got so much riding on this, hire graphic designers and marketers who understand the importance of design and consumer psychology.

When it comes to creative packaging, don’t settle. Go for a design that complements your brand and business. This way, you’ll have customers coming back for more!